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I personally don't like the idea of removing the specific talent tree specs. I think that was the best way to go, and if they change, I am seeing to leave. Yeah just me leaving, but I'm sure others would go too. I like how you can spec into one certain class, that's the whole fun of being your class... Taking that away will give us less opportunities, and less decisions to make that would be vital for our class.
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did anyone else notice any spelling errors in their class' talent trees? if you look in the last tier of the hunter tree you'll notice "tripple" and "recieving"... lol

they do that to troll hunters, they know they dont give us the proper attention we deserve as a class, if they did we wouldnt have something as outdated as immolation trap doing 4k damage at full duration at lvl 85, or snake trap snakes still having 123 hp, and deadly posions only purpose in game is to negate hunter CC, and many many many many many...... many many's later... more
One thing I'm worried about (sorry if it's a repost but no way am I reading through 73 pages) is the mathiness of Deadly Calm versus Stormbolt on boss fights. Bosses are immune to stuns, so Stormbolt gets its 300% damage buff by default. Thing is, with current percentages Stormbolt does 50% weapon damage, so 150% with the buff, or equivalent to one Deadly Calm Heroic Strike... of which you get three, free. I know the numbers aren't final, but as long as base Storm Bolt damage is less than base Heroic Strike damage (or vice versa) one will clearly be better than the other. In addition, Deadly Calm is just as useful as Storm Bolt for trash (since it also affects Cleave) nullifying any advantage it might have because of its utility.

On a more positive note, while the level 75 trees do look like where DPS goes to die (and Prot Christmas...or Saturnalia, for those inclined) Vigilance at least looks good for Fury: a reliable enrage! Yay! And everyone will like the +damage that comes from it. Enraged Regen can probably heal through 30% damage taken, plus the AoE heals you'll be soaking up anyway.
u sure? it looks as bad as always
I would just like to know how this is supposed to be exciting when in the first tier i have to choose between 2 abilities that i already have as feral cat? So, from my understanding my choices are to give up my "feral charge" now call "wild charge" or my 30%passive increase in movement speed...either take one ability that you want to share with the others and have 2 new ones or choose to enhance what we already have but dont make me choose between 2 i already have and enjoy.

my suggestion would be that if you are seperating each lvl by a theme so each spec can have an option/use of abilities normally not available to them then make it that 1 ability and 2 new or enhanced abilities. dont take 2 abilities already available to a spec and make them choose which they want more. for example take the cat one, "feline swiftness" and "wild charge" are both already avaliable to us as a in our tree so we can get both. with the new proposed tree we can only have one, give feral cat spec an auto 30% movement to go with the normal cat specialty(or to all specs in cat form) and replace it with a better choice to compete with "displacer beast" and "wild charge".

im not even interested in the new ability "displacer beast" cause im so w*#%%d up in losing 1 or maybe even 2 that i already have and want to keep. and you can sit ther and say you can change them for each situation but i use both just as they are all the time so its is really a big thing to lose one, and "displacer beast" would be cool but im not going to give up to good abilities for one that ill probably only use for pvp. it seems lazy on designers part.... yay i can have typhoon as a cat! who cares id rather have both my cat abilities than any rest/boom abilities anyday. You took away hybrids and are sloppily trying to put them back in and forcing it on ppl who dont want them, make up your minds. I may not quit wow because of this but it will effect how much fun my druid is and i may quit play it, i already quit my hunter cause it lost all the fun i had with it, but you never know if i lose interest in all my toons ill just have to move on as sad as it would be.
and why is "w r a p p e d" censored? is that a new curse word ive never heard of?
Is it just me or does it seem like they are truly taking out the customization features from the game. When the talents changed from BC to WOTLK, I was a little disappointed at first but then saw the light in its design. When the time came for changes in WOTLK to CATA I was pretty happy with the new talent calculator. Now that I see this one, well....I think it's plain dumb.

I get that abilities are still spread out on the specialization tree and restricted at certain levels. I don't get why you only choose 3 things in a 15lvl span. I wish that there were more choices for optimization than here's what you get and now pick a perk at this lvl. Honestly, are they trying to make the game more compatible for seasoned players or enticing casual players to pick it up for pure simple enjoyment. I know that I, personally will miss picking out my passive perks along with selecting certain active aspects.
The Good:
The new talents seem awesome!

The Bad:
Alot its very simple and few thought please dont keep this trend i like it hard
dam i sounded so gay but you get the idea.
03/07/2012 12:20 AMPosted by Visvinco
and why is "w r a p p e d" censored? is that a new curse word ive never heard of?

Your original post possibly had "wrapped" misspelled with only one "p." Just a hunch.
DK Level 60 and 75 are still terrible. Please don't take away our baseline abilities and make us choose between them and mandatory talents.

Can't agree more, Memories. I'd heavily suggest to keep Vampiric Blood as a Blood spec spell, and give the choice of, say, bone shield to everyone, instead [Basically, just switch the placement of the two].
As for the level 75 ones...Ugh. Just Ugh. It's a terrible idea to be forced to chose just one of those.
Also..."Blood Charges"? We're not paladins...
Why, bloody-hell why are druids still slowed while prowling, when rogues get to sprint along giddily? This should have been fixed when rogues lost the movement speed reduction.
this talent calender sucks! for rouges this is so bad. i hate this idea!!!! booooo
First, what happened to Rend for warriors? It is just gone. Secondly I do not understand why warriors have to choose between damage and stuns to get any stuns. The first stun they can get is on charge, but that is only an extra 2 sec stun. Double Time is way better than that. Then, they have to choose between Avatar and shockwave. Then, storm bolt and the other two dmg abilities. It just seems unfair that they have to choose between dmg and stuns, while pallies get to choose between an awesome stun, a cc, and a slowing effect. Pallies do not have to sacrifice dmg so warriors shouldn't either. They should have a row of stun/cc effects that they can choose from imo
I like some of the new talents I'm seeing, but I don't like the Mist Talent Calculator it's self. In my opinion it takes away your ability to make it your own, now I know that are a lot of people, and things out there that tell you if you don't use this spec with these power, and these exact talents you will suck, but even with all that BS flying around there is room for your own personal touch. This takes that away
I haven't run the math, but Prot Pallies without Divine Plea can be in for trouble in a longer battle, especially soloing. Did I miss some compensation for that? Also, in BGs, I am always getting CC'd, often more than HoF and my trinket can handle, so having Cleanse free me will be missed.

Again, I just read through all of this one time, so maybe I'm missing something, but my main concerns are:

1) Loss of mana, especially for Prot Pallies.
2) Loss of Cleanse's removal of CCs.

Otherwise, this system will definitely trump the old one. I don't understand the negativity I see in comments. Be a little more level-headed and consider that even the most connected of players can't possibly have access to the data and the macro-view that the developers have.
I'll also add that I would like to see more choices. The talent tree is unlocked at levels that are pretty far apart. I'm sure you have thought of this, but the talent points were motivational when I was grinding my way to the major abilities that were unlocked.
Not impressed with the lack of Moonkin abilities and talents. Terrible. The first two tiers alone have absolutely nothing beneficial for Balance. "Wild Charge"? Big deal, I can "bound" backwards by pressing my spacebar or pushing "S".

Blizzard, this is awful. Where are my PvE talents? Where are there moonkin talents that actually benefit me?

Dislike tree ents being used in all specs.

As of right now, Resto and Balance druid talents are way past broken.

dont worry about trents im pretty sure ferals wont use them, looking more at incarnation or maybe SoF :D
03/08/2012 06:43 PMPosted by Rêadthegravê
this talent calender sucks! for rouges this is so bad. i hate this idea!!!! booooo

I agree. Please buff both Make-Up and Education!

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