February 15 Update to Mists Talent Calculator

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I can tell you as a mage, I really utilize the perk off Focus Magic, and would like to see this returned either in the spec itself, or in the tree accessible to all Mage specs.... Kind of your choice, but I know myself and many other mages, would like Focus Magic to remain in the game... If I happen to be missing it, then cool... but if you are thinking of taking it out, please reconsider.
This has probably already been expressed but the DK tree could use a little work. The level 60 choices all heal and two of those abilities are already utilized by DK tanks to even out the fact that we do not use shields. All of our self heal abilities are what make use survive without a shield, if you take them away that kind of makes us more squishy rather than better. Just a concern considering how vital DK self heals are in surviving as tanks without shields.

Perhaps make it so that this new tree is more flexible? For example if the level 90 talents do not really fit perhaps a player could pick another from one of the older level brackets?

One of the things I will be testing in Beta is Holy DPS while questing/solo play. It has been terrible slow for last two expansions compared to other classes/specs. It has been something that has been promised for 2 expansions and never delivered.

I see Holy Wrath is spammable, however it wil divide it damage among all enemies in a 10 yard radius. Can we get this changed to be single target only. Can you also ensure it actually does solid damage. Everything we currently have hits like a wet noodle.


Looking at the talent tree, I'd think they're set on removing shockadins, which makes me a little sad (I never did a serious shockadin build, but from what I tried it was fun.)

Also: will crusader's strike still generate holy power? It doesn't say it does, yet word of glory (and templar's verdict for ret) is learned before any other holy power generating abilities.
I do not particularly like the new talent of the warrior.
Do not understand the rotation, the rend was removed, almost no skill was added for strength. The only improvement was like a mass spell reflect that will help a little against mage. Avatar should be immune to everything and not only the movement, I see Blizzard does not like much of the warrior, and increasingly further spoils the class.
Just look at the ranking of the tops that hardly you will see a warrior.
I hope I'm wrong, but particularly not really like this talent tree.
not to mention that the consumption of rage and the new CD from MS, CS OP and others are absurd.
I think the hunter talents is really screwed up. You took out the only real dps talents away, which were the arcane arrows and poison tip talents in first tier and u added some lame !@# final tier. Seems like we're more of a pvp spec now from all the tiers than a real pve dps spec. Taking out the minimum range is good, but removing out melee skills like raptor strike and wing clip! We hunters are gonna get owned in pvp. But yeah, i like the CC tier the most. Let's me choose which CC i want outta 3, but if u can, bring back the arcane arrows and poison tip talents that u first put in instead of the new talents. And what's up with the different traps talents? Hope we hunters get some love. Always been neglected. Removing pet talents is so gonna hurt. :(
Death Knights have a stun/silence. This makes me very happy. c:<

WAIT NEVERMIND. I just looked at the rogue tree and almost ragequit wow forever. why the hell is shadowstep only going to be available at lv 60? I depend on that ability to cover distance between me and a target to use ambush at veeery crucial moments when I'm on my rogue. We get it at lv 10 now without having to spec into it, we should get it at level 10 in mists without having to spec into it >:( blizzard you really make me wonder sometimes.
the dk changes look nice, however, why did you obliterate obliterate? it now does something like 115% weapon damage, down from 218%. Why? it's also the same with lava lash for shamans except that went down from 260% (plus 40% with flame tongue), to 130% (plus 40% with FT). Why!?
I like the new hunter talents much, much better. And all of the other ones for that matter. This calculator update has renewed my faith in the expansion. Also, I was absolutely elated to find out that hunters get the demon hunter's ability from diablo 3. BINDING SHOT FTW
Death Knights have a stun/silence. This makes me very happy. c:<

one more thing, to let the dk and meanwhile the immortal warrior is suffering from the nerfs
Its more of Windrunner from Defense of the Ancients skills, than demon hunter's skill of diable 3. The last 3 talents for hunters i mean.
I dont like the new talent calculator, it seems to simple. I enjoyed the complexitly of the talent calculator we've used for years, its allways required you to have a bit of inteligance to understand and remember every talent there is and what they do, along with the extream amount of math and preplanning required, it just seems to me we are moving into a game like all other games where new children players can have just as good of an understanding of the mechanics as an adult vetran who has had to work hard to learn and relearn the system and what works best for them.
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So far im seeing 74 pages of "I don't like the new talent calculator" Noone can like something they havent seen working yet. I think its a bad idea but im not gonna say i dont like it at all yet. I mean look at priests so far they are getting totally f'd in the A at this point. Heals are all getting divided or taken away and our talent choices are barely choices at all. It seems blizzard is taking all the hybrid classes and breaking them down into worthlessness and giving pure dps classes too many healing abilities. Seriously at this point locks and dk's have more heals then spriests do and we have 2 healing specs.....
Question about priests.

I'm seeing Archangel in the talent calculator, but discipline is the only priest spec which has Evangelism in its moveset. Does this mean there will be some other way to activate Archangel or will this be altered with future updates?
Where is mana burn?

Priests look really under-developed. I hope they don't stay this way.
I would just like to say, again, that the new talents and trees have to be the worst idea since making Illidan killable (if you do not understand the previous, skip to the next post).

First you release a botched LK expansion. In an effort to fix it, you reset everyone's talents every Tuesday for 2 months. Sometimes with massive changes, sometimes not. Annoying but doable.

Then you release Cata and mess with the talents once again. Dropping talents, combining others and force me into a single tree until most of the talent points are spent. Some of the talents in certain specs did not have anything to do with the spec, but i have to waste the points to get to the next tier. No more hybrids and limiting my available choices once again. (Still yet to figure out the -12% lock damage across the board or the resto druid tree form becoming a time elapse spell O.o)

Now you propose to release another expansion and screw with the talents and trees yet again. Only this time you have all but removed any choices and give me even less to work with by completely changing everything. I mean come on.... level 75 resto druid has NO usable talent on that tier. This is the most useless display to date.

Going from a 60 point talent tree to a 6 point talent tree has increased the number of cookie-cutter specs, not decreased (just fyi). The selections are so confining, I do not see the point in even having a talent tree. If this is the path you want, then just let us select a spec at level 10 and, every 15 levels, give us an appropriate skill for that spec. Then we can all drone up to cap level.

Everyone I have discussed this notion with on my server feel the same way. 100% have stated they have had enough of Blizz screwing with everything and having to re-learn their toon everytime Blizz gets an idea. So I can say without doubt that if this talent system goes live, exodus will insue and the servers probably will not be able to handle the mass account cancellations. And for all the haters of this post who think these talent changes are a good thing (there are a LOT of little kiddie !@#$% in the forums), enjoy your auto-pilot game. All the big boys are going elsewhere leaving plenty of room for all your 5 year old friends.

Can someone please explain about the frost dk is the rein of op dmg gone now????

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