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02/15/2012 02:17 PMPosted by Draznath
Priests: calm down. This obviously isn't the final version. Shaman don't even have level 90 talents right now.

• For shaman and hunters, we still have a ways to go with the revamp of talents, and this latest calculator doesn’t have some of the changes that we’re currently working on.

*Does not mention new priest mechanics that are still missing, or that the only 'changes' to priest trees was to remove our level 87 spell.*

I'm sorry, what was that?
LOL from what I can tell a death knight.....a BLOOD death knight will become even more hard to kill within the first few months of the new expansion cause now the ghoul doesn't die with dark contract......btw awesome talents blizz is adding to the paladin talent tree.....could use avenging wrath more often :p
02/15/2012 02:17 PMPosted by Draznath
Priests: calm down. This obviously isn't the final version. Shaman don't even have level 90 talents right now.

Shamans and Hunters got a nod in the first post about how those trees are still under construction and will be finished later, as well as a giant "Coming Soon!" sign on their builder page.

Priests just have to deduce that this isn't considered a somewhat complete and playable build?
I see you have posted the rogue talents for pvp...when will you be putting up the talents for raid bosses and pve?
Ok so, here is my take on the new Druid Talents as a restoration Druid, and to be completely honest all I can really say is just...

I'm at a loss... its THAT frustrating as a Resto Druid

Well go by Tier:

Tier 1: All decent talents, but nothing specifically good for restoration.

-Feline Swiftness: Fine, a flat 15% speed boost is good, but its unbelievably bland, but its not horrific.

-Displacer Beast: A decent talent overall, its exotic and new and I think it holds with it some interesting possibilities, even as Resto, if it drops aggro, this could be our new versaion of Vanish or Feign Death, if not, utterly useless in PvE, though for PvP id guess this to be the talent of choice.

-Wild Charge: Definitely the pick of choice for PvE, the ability to warp to an ailing ally or group of allies is a big boon, but while interesting it is still again, rather bland and uninteresting.

Tier 2: A resto druids saving grace

-Natures Swiftness: Its fine, its absolutely not even close to competitive to the other two talents, but i suppose if you're often in need of quick emergency bomb heals its good, though needing those at all speaks volumes about your priorities.

-Renewal: Desperate Prayer for druids, kinda nice if you ask me, this is definitely a competitive resto talent!

-Cenarion Ward: This one is personally one of those things I'm REALLY happy to see! Its a new heal that triggers when its needed, which overall is beautifully synergistic with Living Seed, it could however use a charge system similar to earth shield to be far more effective, but if you ask me this is one of the best resto talents you.ve made so far!

Tier 3: I'll heal them with Roots Waves and Bugs!

I'm not even going to bother, they're all pretty much versions of the same thing with slightly different flavorings, non of them really SCREAM resto as none of them particularly make a difference in healing. Maybe useful if your group has control or CC issues, but not much else.

Tier 4: And behold, on the fourth tier did they place all the talents a healer could want!

-Soul of the Forest: A decent talent, though somewhat underwhelming, its a good resto talent if you don't like thinking about cool-downs.

-Incarnation: Tree of LIFE! YES! Almost a mandatory talent for a restoration druid, that is if Force of Nature doesn't do what I am assuming it will, if Force of Nature does what I assume however, then having the two BEST restoration talents in one Tier is just downright insulting MY opinion says this should be switched with Heart of The Wild for the top tier talent.

-Force of Nature: Now this talent is a little ambiguous and I think it could use some clarification "Treant Capabilities vary by Specialization", now I am assuming this means that in a DPS role they will attack the enemy in melee and cause damage, as a tank they will provide some sort of defensive buff, and as a healer will either assist in healing or provide a healing buff. If this is the case, then only tiers 2 and 4 really contain anything that specifically makes a difference in a druids ability to heal in my opinion this talent REALLY needs to move.

Tier 5: CC, if your RESTO druid is CCing, you're failing...

Wit the exception of PvP this tree is pretty bland, there is a stun, which is fine, a "Psychic Scream" like roar and an AoE death-grip, for a resto druid they seem like mostly useless Cooldowns.

Tier 6: What... the.... BLEEP

-Heart of the Wild: Just...I cannot even begin to ponder why or how this would ever occur... why would a resto druid go cat... or bear? For a healer this talent is utterly useless in PvE, in PvP maybe its not so awful.

-Dream of Cenarius: If you have the time to cast Wrath or Starfire as a restoration druid chances are your healing is not really needed that badly so 30% extra healing is somewhat of a joke, whether a reward or a kind of "Well I'm not doing anything else" Talent its a little bland and uninspired.

-Disentanglement: Effective and useful for a resto druid, though if you ask me its BETTER than Renewal, though if you take both you'll be unstoppable... and if this procs off Tree of Life forgetaboutit... The only real useful top Tier Resto Talent to me!

Thats my first line appraisal, I hope I was insightful enough to consider...

Edited to rephrase something...
Is ghost wolf still going to have the
"Effects that reduce movement speed may not bring you below your normal movement speed."?
for the sake of Enhancement I would hope so.....

A review of these talents tells me I've been around too long. I miss things like choices and knowing what you were doing and actually deciding if 2 points into something is too much or is it best to only go 1.

These talents are nothing more than super glyphs for the most part, since you have as many talent points now as you currently have for glyphs, except for glyphs you have far more interesting choices. Why not eliminate the entire talent system all together and just say spec the characters all the same and you simply swap talents depending on PvE or PvP settings? Would make it easier to balance around the two paths.

I know this is going to be on deaf ears since the decision is already made, but whatever, I've said my peace. Good luck in your endeavors Warcraft Team.
Sorry blizzard.
I really really lve you guys, but this talents are a !@#$ in the leg.
Sorry folks, but i'm very very disappointed.

I think thats the only error.
Monks will be awesome! (Unless is only for pandas, them you could just delete the idea)

What is missing in the entire wow?
A WHIP for weapon.
Not to be negative, but the warrior talents are pretty disappointing. An entire tier of charge talents, and safeguard/vigilance/mass spell reflection as level 75 talent choices? The 15/30/45/75 talent choices are terrible. The talents as a whole are completely uninspired, lacking of any sort of originality, and do absolutely nothing to advance the class as a whole, or even make them anymore interesting. I mean, some of these were just regular old abilities you could learn from the trainer, and suddenly, it's a talent choice? Goodness. :(

Staggering Shout and Piercing Howl seem to really be at odds with each other. I know which one I'd pick, and it definitely wouldn't be the one with a 40 second cooldown. Sadly, the only abilities that even sound remotely interesting are Avatar and Bloodbath, and even then, Avatar is just Death Wish on a shorter cooldown. There's absolutely nothing fun about the Storm Bolt ability. What is it's purpose, really? I don't see it. Heroic Throw served it's purpose as DPS or as a Tank for putting up Sunder Armor or a ranged silence on a caster. This new Storm Bolt baffles me as it's completely unneeded and down right odd for the warrior class. Definitely sounds more like a Paladin ability more than anything. Everything else is just talents that already existed that didn't get picked because they weren't useful or interesting, and that isn't going away.

Pretty disappointed overall. None of these talents make warriors more engaging, different, or even slightly unique compared to the class today, or even the class as it was in WoTLK. I hope you guys reconsider these talents.
Posted by Tönks
Why are the level 90 abilities such a joke? Does Blizz really hate druids? Heart of the wild has no use whats so ever if your a feral, especially if you a bear tank, cmon Blizz wake up.

Posted by Crestt
Scenario: Your one of two tanks and not tanking anything atm, one of your healers dies and your battle rezzes will be available in 30 seconds, pop Heart of the Wild to gain temporary healing capabilities until that battle rez is available?

I may be able to see that as a viable use but surely not as a lvl 90 talent, its still a joke
Vast improvement for Moonkins over the previous iteration. I like.

Edit: Faerie Swarm doesn't mention either a cooldown or a target limit. As much as I'd love to just cast it on every enemy in my sight, I think it would be pretty damn OP without one or the other.

Edit 2: Others have mentioned this as well, but we Druids would really like some insight as to how Symbiosis will work. Do we get a preset spell from the other class, or do we get to choose from a list?
Crippling poison reduced to 50% speed reduction? This warrior approves.
Prep and Shadowstep are still on the same tier...
You definitely need both of them to be competitive in pvp..

With every class getting tons of new talents, the new pvp will be completely different from current pvp.
02/15/2012 01:37 PMPosted by Alona
That's what I'm saying. Your tree looks amazing and the priest tree, by comparison, looks bland. And I'm not saying that to try and bring the paladin tree down - you guys deserve fun toys. But the priest tree is just...I don't even know how to bring it to words.

That's a little ironic. Before these changes went, Paladins looked at the Priest trees and were colored with envy a bit.

Path of the Devout is there I imagine for those moments in PVP/PVE where you *know* you can get away, but you just want some extra boost to safely protect yourself. That whole tier is dedicated to movement speed.

Divine Star, Vow of Unity and Void Shift are still fun spells. People grief with Leap of Faith, and that's just something that kind of happens - it's like asking Blizzard to chose between fun design or catering to derps who want to troll their raid.

Furthermore, Paladins have been asking for Sacred Shield for quite some time now. Call it nostalgia, or call it a really well designed spell - but it was very popular when it was around.

Our Level 75 Abilities are all tied to Avenging Wrath, so while it may seem like it's very fun (and I'm sure it is), try to remember that it's not all the time.

Finally, the last tier is something that I think is creative and really doesn't fit enough with the Priest toolkit to look over the aisle and say "I'm jelly, bro. :(" All the spells there have a short radius, have damage and healing properties and work very well with the overall look and feel of the Paladin class.

You have nothing to worry about, friend. Your priest class and mechanics look very clean.
Healing Forum MVP
A lot of things I was asking for in the DK forum were listened to thank you. I got another Lich King ability and they did away with the stupid corpse explosion as a talent and put in something more interesting and useful.

Sooooo. . . how long before shaman talents go up? Ascendance is sweet, kudos for reading the shaman MoP thread! But 90 talents. . . The suspense!!

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