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I was wondering who had almost every single mount in the game?
Or a general question -- Who has alot of mounts! =D (Not I, hehe)

Ryken with 174!
We got a new person tho with highest! 183 mounts! Eloderung
I have 72, going for the dragonhawk.
Hm i would like to know this too. Or whose the closest ^^
I wish i could go for 100 mounts, that would be amazing haha
So far 102 is the highest that i have seen
124 right here! Could easily get 126 if I ever get the motivation to go do the Argent Tournament again.
Awesome, Anyone higher then 124?
02/16/2012 04:30 PMPosted by Tbones
Awesome, Anyone higher then 124?

Me, but not by much: 129 mounts.

As for my friend, he's sitting at 156
How does one obtain all these mounts, thats just amazing lol
128 here and I know there are people with more than me. I don't buy pets/mounts from the pet store, so there's a handful I'll never see at least.

^Guy on my server (who was actually talking the other day in trade about being a mount collector), has 158. :O
I'm at 156, but I also don't have any of the store mounts.... and only one of the tcg mounts. >.>
02/16/2012 04:34 PMPosted by Tbones
How does one obtain all these mounts, thats just amazing lol

Its not all too difficult. Im at 133 and don't really bother with it anymore. Still have a bunch of easy ones for me to get. If they end up making a 150 mount achieve with a nice reward it might push me to go back to farming the ones Im missing. Theres a thread in the achievement forums for mount collectors and our obsessiveness.
Wow there are alot of mounts out there haha..Now who has alot of rare mounts too?
106 here
After over two years of slowly collecting, I’ve been able to reach just north of 100 mounts; I still can’t decide which one is my favorite, though.

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