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I'm here to discuss the issue of people being AFK in LFR.
Every week iv been doing LFR on all my toons for gear. While i'm trying to down trash/bosses i always see 3-5 people in the back just standing there doing nothing. Not dpsing or healing. This clearly makes me angry because i'm trying to get through this as fast as possible and there is people not putting in effort at all. I try to vote to kick people but i can only do it 3 times. VOK(vote to kick) rarely works because most other people are oblivious to raid chat. Why can people free load in LFR and take advantage of people actually putting in effort?

My Solution
Put in the same system Battlegrounds have. Example: I'm killing Warmaster and i see a Warlock in the back just standing there doing anything. I whisper him to please do something so we can go through this content faster. I get no reply. I simply click on his portait and i report him AFK. If he doesn't attack a target within 30 seconds then he will be removed from the raid. This system can not be used while in combat. I believe this will solve the issue of people being AFK in LFR.

Thank you for reading this! Feedback would be awesome.

P.S. I know my grammar/spelling is horrible. My apologises for that.
There's already a modified Vote To Kick system in LFR. It works in combat, and similarly to Report AFK in Battlegrounds, it requires a certain portion of the participants to report it in order to begin a kick.

One person reporting somebody AFK in a BG won't give them the Idle debuff. You need more people to do it.

So... the same applies to LFR.
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I've requested this moved to the dungeon & raids forum. The forum representatives collect and deliver feedback to the developers. Best of luck. :)
Green poster forgot to mention one little detail: The Vote Kick has a timer on it that can go up to four hours.
You can only VOK a certain amount of times. Thats the problem. If i used all of my VOK how am i supose to get the other AFKers that recently join or other people who are still AFK? I'm a sitting duck. The only other option is to convince other people in the raid to VOK them. I can already tell thats going to be a hassel. I believe my solution is the best because even if somebody reported AFK in the raid and they're not AFK the person who got reported can simply fix the debuff by healing a friendly player or doing damage to an NPC.
02/16/2012 05:38 PMPosted by Pahanda
There's already a modified Vote To Kick system in LFR. It works in combat

No, it doesn't.

Also, something's changed recently as I'm getting "This player can't be kicked for 2 Hours" all the time now.

I assume it's because I'm "one of those guys" who pays attention to who's griefing me via AFK or ineptitude and literally apply the vote kicks to DPS below the tanks, but seriously, AFKing is rampant in LFR and it's the only tool I have to combat it.

There's absolutely nothing 'fun' about getting stuck in a 25 man group with 5-10 dps afking so we wipe on Yorsahj multiple times.

One addendum: 25 mans give me impossible load screens. Please put a 30 sec to 1 min timer from zone-in 'til able to be marked afk. Other than that, can't see a problem with it. If anything, bgs have taught me bots can get around this kind of thing way too easily.
What would you have the system do, pop off an /away check during combat?

Actually, that might be a good idea. No activity for 30s, pop a check - make it silent.
Well hopefully they give us an option to start a fight only when everyone is zoned in.
Unfortunately people could use that to grief by teleporting out of the instance and not letting you pull the boss.
There was a mistake above. I ment to say "Can only be used in combat". I have it so its just like it is in BGS. I report you away and if you don't respond my healing or dpsing within 30 seconds to a minute then you will be removed from the raid. Its pretty simple.
There's already a modified Vote To Kick system in LFR. It works in combat

As usual, a green poster is wrong. The only part of LFR VtK that is "modified" is that it takes five people to initiate a vote kick, instead of one.

Still can't kick in combat, still have to wait four hours to kick an AFKer.
This is getting really annoying, most of the time I get "cannot be kicked for another 2 hours" or now even "4 hours".

Possible solutions:
- Make the vote kick work during combat and remove those timers. I understand that those timers are there to prevent abuse, but I'd rather have one person that needs to re-queue after getting kicked than have a whole raid that needs to carry one player - or even worse, someone who is just griefing everyone by pulling addional mobs, killing the wrong targets, etc.

- If 5 people vote kick, remove the player's ability to roll on loot. If 10 people vote kick, remove the player from the raid.
02/16/2012 05:35 PMPosted by Izahunter
people actually putting in effort

LFR requires effort.

News to me.
02/19/2012 12:11 PMPosted by Bamf
people actually putting in effort

LFR requires effort.

News to me.

Yes, some portion of the raid has to put in effort if the raid as a whole is going to succeed. How is that news to you exactly?
some portion of the raid has to be at the keyboard, drooling or not, if the raid as a whole is going to succeed.

I agree.
I also noticed the MVP was wrong about the in-combat thing. I guess they haven't done LFR, or haven't tried to kick anyone.

i think part of the problem is that blizzard for some strange reason made it automatically accept the queue for you, so lets say you get into queue then something pops up and you go afk. While you're afk you're not caring/remembering you're in queue for that, yet the game accepts it for you and places you in the raid.
So even once you get the <away> tag, you're still in the raid, still eligible for loot, even if you didn't participate at all or weren't even aware you were in a raid because you're still not at your desk.

I put in a ticket about this after an afk hunter rolled need on tier on Hagara and still had the <away> tag up and I was told to post suggestions on the forums. The hunter had been afk the entire fight, and unfortunately aoe heals kept him from dying, but he never moved from the portal.

The simplest solution should be obvious already to the devs:
  • Don't have it automatically accept the queue and place you in the raid

  • Another thing that would be nice:
  • Have the system check to see if you've been participating

  • I did LFR earlier today and someone was afk the entire time we were doing trash, then when we called it out in raid chat and were trying to kick him hes like "no i'm here, but i dont know how i got here, i didn't accept the queue". He had been afk for at least long enough to get the <away> tag.
    The other person afking was simply putting someone on follow so they wouldn't appear to be afk, but they weren't healing anyone, and they were standing completely still, even during the slime trash where everyone was taking damage because they won't stack up. Then when we pull the boss, he throws out a few heals and says "i think i'm doing pretty good for someone in blues" (when he had barely done any healing at all). Then he wins something and leaves.

    I've done other LFR's where people have been afk and as soon as someone mentions their name in chat (to kick them), they pull trash/boss to keep us in combat so we can't kick them and they go back to not participating. I've also tried to kick someone and been told I can't yet, and I've also tried to kick people but since most of the raid doesn't bother to read raid chat, the people don't get kicked. That's only when we get tanks who let us stay out of combat long enough to try to kick the afkers.

    I put in effort in the LFR, and it doesn't seem fair that the people who are not participating or barely participating are rewarded with loot. I've seen alot of groups not get any bosses done besides the first one because of too many people being afk or not doing anywhere near enough to even beat the tank on the dps charts.

    One of the ones I did a few weeks ago, someone linked "activity" on recount in raid chat after Ultraxion. The 2 holy paladins had the least activity of the entire raid, and the only heals they did were on themselves (they were also one of the many who refused to hit the purple button so we also had to heal them). Then they got mad we were talking about kicking them.

    If the devs really want to make the LFR better then something needs to be done about the non-participation. The loot problems have already been addressed elsewhere.

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