Show off your Druid transmog!

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04/19/2012 10:25 AMPosted by Leafwarden
Mine matches stag travel form in MoP.

if you haven't seen this guy's tmog then do it now. its awesome.

I'm working on getting Origin of Nightmares to finish this set off. :3
Mine isnt very creative, but it's misleading and that's what I was going for.

Mostly though I loved the PVP set better than our tier set so I did enough PVP to get it to transmog with :P
I went with a balance druid of hyjal. took forever to get the robe though.
I'm trying the loose, brown kilt/harness style. I prefer the green, wild living gear style, but all the sets/pieces like that just look to tight and suffocating.

I used to have T9 with T7 shoulders and a green version of the headdress I have now, but I just didn't feel it was very creative, different or fun (/hipster). Not that this outfit is very original.

I floggin' love my staff, though.
@anarria. lmao your set is almost exactly like mine only yours is more girly with the dress.

but i posted mine first so go away. lol jk gj on the mogsps i do want your offhand tho. it would look better than mine.
I still need the hands, a belt, and a wep, but I like it so far.
Still looking for a matching belt
I saw the mystic sarong and I had to match it. any ideas on a weapon? I don't like gold hence all accents are silver
02/19/2012 02:19 PMPosted by Deflect
Boo. Just waiting on Black Ice from Eye of Eternity.

Got mine first try. Stupid Deathknight tried to ninja it from me.

Made my victory all the sweeter.
got eerything i needed
I've switched around many different sets, but i tend to avoid the typical druid tier that I see most people with. Once i get the Heroic staff I'm probably going to use Journey's End for my weapon
Wouldn't really consider it "druidy".

/evil laugh
<~~~ The most druid-y looking thing i could put together
Not 'druidy' but I'm a Lazer Chicken, I need goggles for my DPS science!

Working on getting D-amnation from horsemen in 25m naxx (too lazy to link) for when I get the legendary staff in a few weeks.
I like going oldschool, makes me remember them thar good ole days..../drifts off into memory...
I went with T1 with T4 hat.

Was actually what I wore in town during Wrath before I knew mogging would happen.
<<--- Worgen over there, with the hot pants on...
He can do the Swift Flight Form...

Keeping in touch with my tribal roots, as every troll should.

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