Show off your Druid transmog!

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s10 elite with s11 staff!
I've changed mine quite a lot since I started (barber shops and transmog are the death of my gold pile).

I really like my blue rogue set (blue is favorite color) with Cursed Vision...

But I gotta admit I am loving this "noob druid" look. Feels nostalgic. ^.^
Here's one of mine. This is the recolored T2 from TBC, "Moonrage." Matching cloak from badges, and our class quest reward from the old Sunken Temple.
Here's mine, still looking for boots, a belt, and a head piece though. and a weapon <_<
Simple but I like it
Finding my transmog gear was easy, cuz I loved pretty much every leather piece out of the ZA/ZG dungeons.
here is mine the weapon is what i will transmog my tier 2 pvp staff next week
spider man
im so pretty please rate me from 1-10
<-- was going for the druid look:)
My feral set is p cool too, but this is what i logged out in

Thankfully I skipped all the quests that rewarded these items and was able to go back and get them.
Red anybody? also im going for T7.5 the green set. Looks so bad !@#.
Druid of the Claw set. It will be complete once I get my hands on some [Prospector's Woolies].
Mostly just t7.5, but with the addition of a Stylin' Jungle Hat.
Working on a more creative set. In the mean time, not many seem to have t2.5
Love my tier 2....
The MogIt add-on is the devil. And I love it so.

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