Show off your Druid transmog!

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Mine.. I went for the classy look!
Feeling nostalgic. Really nostalgic.
<- mine
Mine looks way better in Human Form.
Also have a eye-patch, cbf to log back in to change this helm.
I call this the Stormwind Druid Regiment uniform.
I feel inferior next to some of these great transmogs! Great job fellow druids. :-)
Fear the moooooose!
This is my newest one, but I change every few days...and have some good ones along with the Rogue Tier 1 Set I looks amazing on a Night Elf, and I get compliments on it every time I have it on. Our tier is horrid... It's the worst in the game to me. To see druids transmog into it, hurts my eyes :)
tier2, cloak from BT, merciless weapon, offhand from Sunwell
mix n match = winning, Glaivestorm I like your set though, I've got it too :P
Keeping it simple/oldschool :]

The weapons are just things that don't show power torrent. I feel like half my potential sets are ruined by a big ol' weapon glowing orange and purple fire.
It's hard to make green quality gear look this good!
(I use a full Gladiator S1 set for pvp transmog, but everybody has seen that before I'm sure.)
What can I say, I love purple! =D
Trying to go for a Druid of the Flame outfit..

Aiming for this in the end:
Don't those robes get awfully hot?
Why yes which is why I have installed airconditioning in my shoulder pads.
Tried to keep mine simple, but still show off that I'm a Druid of the Claw.
I liked the colors, idk :p
03/29/2012 01:15 PMPosted by Verouille
I liked the colors, idk :p

diggin the goggs :D

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