[A] <Notion> 6/8H Late Night LF Resto Shaman

<Notion> is a LATE night 10 man hardcore raiding guild on the Stormrage PVE server. We're a tight knit group of friends who have been raiding together since T7. We're a transfer guild from Deathwing horde and we're looking to start fresh here. We started raiding as a guild in February and we're quickly progressing through heroics with ease. Our primary goal is to progress at a fast competitive rate while constantly improving with each content patch.

Tier 9- 5/5 ToGC
Tier 10- 12/12 Heroic
Tier 11- 9/13 Heroic
Tier 12- 6/7 Heroic with Glory of the Firelands Raider
Tier 13- 6/8 Heroic working on Spine

Loot will be done via loot council to distribute loot evenly.

Raid Times:
Monday - Wed 12:00am - 3:30am EST
Monday being a cleanup day.

Currently Recruiting: (in order of priority)

With Emphasis On:

Resto Shaman

What We Require From You:

•You must have a desire to improve and get the maximum out of your class every pull. We want someone who Min/Maxes their class to get the most dps/hps they possibly can each and every fight. We don't want someone who is content doing sub-par dps/hps.
•You must have excellent raid awareness. We do not accept people who tunnel, whether they are tanks, dps or healers. We are far more likely to accept someone with below average dps or heals, than we are someone with below average raid awareness.
•You must have a superior understanding of your class, including all specs. We don't expect to have to ask our raiders, "Why aren't you using 'so and so' or popping 'such and such' on cooldown?"
•You must be able to stand on your own. No one is here to hold your hand. We expect our raiders not only to understand all mechanics of any given encounter, but be able to contribute to strategy when the time comes. If you feel awkward about being critiqued in front of others when you make mistakes, this probably isn't the guild for you.
•You must be a team player and have respect for others. If you're here for loot then this isn't the guild for you. We're a progression first oriented guild, the loot will come with the kills. Raiding requires all 10 people to work together as a cohesive unit. We look for people who will do whatever it takes for the guild to succeed as a collective group which includes both keeping a level head and treating others with respect.
•You must be vocal. Nothing is worse than someone who wont speak up during an encounter. Communication is key for progression.

How to Apply:
Head over to our website www.notionguild.com and register a username/account. Once that's done log in and fill out an app. Please realize that your application is the first impression you make on us. So dont take 30 seconds to fill it out because it'll take me less than that to throw it out. However, if the app looks good either Taeng, Logan, or myself will schedule either a vent or a realid interview with you.
Looking for solid recruits
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Website is up!
Starting on heroics soon!
Starting on heroics soon!
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Bump for new recruits!
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Bump for new recruits!
Bump for 1/8 Heroic. Starting Yor'sahj next week!
LF good solid recruits to do HMs with!
LF DPS Preferably Ranged!
LF solid players!

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