[A] XRealm: FL Hardmode Clear TONIGHT (3/1)

Character Name & Server: Deathomega

Class / Spec: warlock affliction or demo

Experience: 6/7hm and know the ragnaros heroic

Specific Wants (I.E, Ember's / Cinder's): meta achivement, Smouldering Egg of Millagrazor and Flametalon of Alysrazo, i will come as many times as possible

My Real ID: bahamut0792@hotmail.com
dude your a horde cant combine horde and alliance in raids sorry
Updated; Lecklol is getting cinders and whiteglow is going to be siphoning essences.

Still need 1 solid tank!
Ill tank the other spot for ya(401 prot equipped), 6/7H experience in Firelands, and currently 6/8H in DS.

Real i.d.= Paratroopa44@hotmail.com
You're my savior! Roster updated.
Hit me up on Real id please, had a few questions for you.
I won't be able to until after work (about 3:30 ish CST). You are more than welcome to ask them through here; however, if you would prefer not to I understand and will add you either way when I get home!
Trhavok, at the moment I am pretty full on melee dps; however, there is never a guarantee that all will show up. For now, though we have our two melee, and three tentatives / backups.
aditutorbrand@yahoo.com disco
390 ilvl holy paladin. Extensive experience on every encounter 6/7 HM (Pre-nerf) with 200+ pulls on rag with many p4 wipes. All pre-nerf. (quit about 6 months ago and just started playing again)
real id - johnlaronga@aim.com

Was your FL experience in 10 or 25?

If it was 10m, were you 2 healing it? (Pre-nerf I would assume so)
My guild had to 3 heal it on 25m, lol.

It was 25 man, and we 3 healed HM Rag. I know most 10 mans were solo healing it at the time though.
Roster updated.

Through you on the list Odesk.

Deathomega, I have a warlock atm but if he can't make it I have you written down for backup.
If you need someone, msg me. 6/7HM experience and I almost have the meta finished.

read id: boomkin@att.net

Balance druid main spec, restor druid off set.
Last minute update.

Run is TONIGHT; hour and 45 minutes invs.

May need a backup or two so hit me up. Specifically ranged dps and/or healer
393 prot warrior

matthewyanek@gmail.com if you need

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