10,000 Gold Reward

For information leading to direct contact with the horde mage Rellex
Hey! I remember you! =p
What's this about?
Its about 5000 gold!
Seriously tho, really important i speak to him asap, I have gold on both factions, 5,000gold to person who puts me in direct contact with him!
Did a little bit of investigation for fun. Not looking for any sort of compensation (though it would have been nice to not be left hanging at the Gadget AH a couple days ago =p). So anyway, when you made the last thread inquiring to his whereabouts in mid-December, it looks like he had quit. However, from a brief armory scan, it appears he logged in 8 days ago. I'd recommend just keeping an eye out on horde-side, or asking around with some of the people he's associated with. It's a lvl 81, so it looks like an unplayed alt to me. Difficult to tell when when he's the GM of an empty guild, so that eliminates that option. Try Horde trade chat as a last resort. It's pretty dead over there though, but it's worth a shot. He's also not posted on the forums with that character at any point.

My guess is he has a main he plays on another server.
OMG sorry Digerati, but another option had came up. If this one doesn't come through, waiting on word from Chirsty then i WIll follow through with our original deal, i'll let you know asap I still have 1 day before my um "deadline" :P
Didn't your parents raise you right to not mess with the mafia?

I wish the best for you, but the mafia may not agree
Old friend I'm guessing? I had many back in Vanilla, then I quit. I wonder if they are searching for me... *shrugs*

I'm not in for the gold, but I would like to know why you are looking for him/her. Give me something to work off of if you could.
sorry its a personal matter, I can verify gold on either side if anyone is interested. any information post up here and if it pans out you WILL get paid, even if you decline payment, give it to your favorite needy begger in org :P
Any sightings?
Someone must know him :(
updated reward to 10k to get more people actively looking and asking around. PLZ i beg you all to help find him asap!

As before I can verify gold for anyone who just simply asks!
10k to add him to my horde's friends list and ask around a bit? sounds too easy but I'm on it!
I'm pretty sure Rellex is just an alt, the info points to his main being alliance so the more people asking around on trade chat the better hopefully he will see it. 1st person to find his main will get 10k!! i promise this is stated on forums for everyone to see and bliz can and more than likely WILL hold me to it!
I signed onto my horde alt last night and with a /who there were literally only 35 people in Org. Talk about dead =(
still looking :(
Sad to say rebble I encounted him like a week ago me and him were playing on alts (my warrior and his mage) and yes his main is alliance but he doesnt play often he quit playing when dragonsoul was released and said he only comes on time to time and its not for a long time.

I don't remember what his main was and if it was this server side or not It was a week ago or so since i talked to him lol

If i had seen this post earlier than what i did i would have said soemthing sooner sorry

I am the alliance main of Rellex. Give me the gold for finding myself.
Stabsmcnabb if you see him again and get him on i will pay you 10k soon as he does!

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