[A] This week's DS run cancelled. Read!

Starting a weekly DS Alt run - to run for the remainder of the near future. 10M for now but interest has heavily spiked for a 25. My main is 8/8 1/8H 25s in Inept. This toon is obviously, as you can see, 4/8 but have not tried to attempt Ultrax yet. I am sure we can clear with right group.

**Will be attempting H Morchok** If raid wants. Ready check will be issued to decide.

- Sunday starting 22.26.12 @ 7-9 or 10PM server (Will decide with ready check also).
- All subsequent raids will take place at these times after a day is chosen.


- Loot is MS/OS - BOE's are MS then /roll - must equip @ time - Patterns same
- MINIMUM 7/8 DS Exp on NRML non LFR w/ an Ilvl of 383+ If you are coming on alt, I need main's link plz
- Must have vent and all necessary add-ons (Big Wigs/DBM & GTFO mainly) Vent info will be provided.
- This will be a WEEKLY run so consistency is rewarded with first raid slots.


**** I will do my best to get everyone in each week but also want everyone to have a chance to participate!****

Main Tank: **Dkpower** - DK
OT w/ DPS:
Healer w/DPS:
Ranged: **Greasefire** - Alt of Balii - Mage
Ranged: **Elleynda** Alt of Zivantha - Hunter
Melee/Ranged: **Sieara** Alt of alt of alt of Sierra - Mage
Melee: **Baldron** - Rogue

Reserve: **Doormat** - Alt of Sieara - Resto Shaman
**Giro** - Rogue

Please feel free to post here or whisper Greasefire or Balii in game so I can add you to calendar or if you have any questions.
/Bump.......No longer a GDKP run just a str8 alt run!
/bump for Gnomes on smexy dragons!
I'm a Rogue with 393 itemlevel, pull around 23k to 32k on bosses (depends which), 40 to 50k on trash.
I Have ventrilo and teamspeak. My experience is Morchok, Yor'sahj, Zon'ozz, Hagara, Ultraxion, and Spine.
Signed ya up Baldron and added you to calendar! LF more!! Need tanks and heals!!
This week's run cancelled due to so many cancelling and other DS raids poaching my commits.

I saw a few looking in trade for more pugs. This is exactly the reason I am trying to get these together so we can have a consistent, well maintained, geared group.
My mage was already saved for the week. = (

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