/ignore = remove them from your game.

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The more specific you are, the easier it is for Blizzard to track down what he did. Even though YOU can't see him spamming /dance through ignore, Blizzard will see it in the chat logs, IF THEY KNOW WHERE TO LOOK.

Just to clarify. More specificity helps them find things faster. It gives them a better starting point. Even if you can't give them a time frame down to the second. A rough time frame will mean more logs to dig through, but they will do it.

So long as you can give a name, and a rough time slot, send that report in!
02/26/2012 09:38 PMPosted by Kinpin
And this is why I abandoned it. There's no real way you can prove what hes doing unless a gm sits on my screen and watches.

Yes and no. While physical in-game actions do generally require visual verification the reports themselves help to establish a history. That, coupled with specific in-game evidence, that by itself may not seem out of place, creates a history which helps to take further action.

02/26/2012 09:38 PMPosted by Kinpin
Even then, the volcano is big enough where I don't even think its worth my time trying to submit enough tickets to get to the point where it would make it past his emails spam filter as another fishing message.

That may be the case if the goal were to get the account closed, Kinpin. If it is to stop the behavior though, a warning can go a long way.

People, stop putting in tickets. Blizzard GMs are paid not to care about the player base.

You are absolutely correct, Kariknu. Game Masters are not paid to care. They are paid to do a job, which consists of enforcing our policies and otherwise helping players in a myriad of ways.

The caring comes for free, as we were hired because of our passion for the game and our drive to help our fellow gamers in as many areas as we are able to.

I'm sorry that you feel submitting a ticket is a waste of your time. To me, I spend a good portion of my leisure time here and I personally take an interest helping to create and maintain an environment that I want to spend time in and that is hopefully enjoyable for most people. To that end, if I see behavior that I believe runs counter to that type of environment, such as inappropriate language and subject matter, I report it.

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