396 Survival Looking for Firelands Meta

I am looking for a GOOD group to do Firelands Meta Achievements with this week. I am missing these achievements from Glory Of The Firelands Raider.

#1 Death From Above #2 Not a Ambi-Turner

#3 Do A Barrel Roll! (Only missing Brush Fire. I am willing to go for all of them.)

#4 Bucket List

These are the only achievements I need for Glory Of The Firelands Raider, But I am willing to go for all the ones that the group needs. I am reliable raider I will not screw up on achievements. If you are interested in bringing me in your group then Post here

Setting a group up Thursday for all of the metas. Get signed up through there if you're interested (takes about 1 min).
Cant it wont let me register this character.
also no offense at all but do you have more experience in Firelands then that toon? I really would like to get into a group that has more then a coupe boss kills.
doesnt matter if he has more exp on another toon, he is alliance, your horde.
Guess thats what I get for doing quick post during raids lol I should pay more attention.

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