[A] Overtime LateNight Raiders 8/8 Heroic DS

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bumps for cookies?
Bump for a healer app for weekdays, and looking for a ranged or two for weekends.
We'll let the priest bump this time.
I wanna know what happened to.....

Dave, Kesari, Higginz, and all the original DiaF people...
Dave quit a month ago for real life, Kes quit over a year ago. Higginz still plays and is in overtime, Shikiyo is Poofhegone.. hmm who else..
Sounds like all of my friends are gone =-[

9thdwarf, Implacible, Pallycherub, Redkross, Berrington, so many others..

bump =-]
Yea we have a lot of new faces that we didn't even have end of wrath.
cookies now?
I could use some cookies.
Why do people bump the old post and somehow miss this one?
Ew logged in ret gear... need to figure out a new transmog for it
I came, I saw, I bumped.
There was to much pink, had to swap to red.
And now a green name to bump.
orange :D
(posting on my original BN account - gah, need to change it to Getåfix somehow)

We can get a Lil' Sargosa?! Why didn't anyone tell me?

::rushes to do more dailies to get to Exalted faster::
Doh, figured out how to change toons here.

Anyway -- MOAR ORANGE!
What's that? Melee > Everything? =D

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