[A] Overtime LateNight Raiders 8/8 Heroic DS

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Bumping, hoping for more apps!
^-- what he said, I know there has to be at least one lonely shaman out there somewhere that wants a guild and is willing to learn. We've had good luck with undergeared but listens well this week!
ok ok .. sorry.. here's the bump..

B U M P !!!!

TY! I think we're the only 2 Alliance guilds actually recruiting anymore...
True true.

and bump bump for a nice saturday
horde is where the party's at!
Gnome > Goblin any day of the week
Bump for a new raid week! Still looking for a dps with a heals OS.
Uh oh, you didn't even mention "Shaman" this time.
We have a mage for hero now! And Hagara down on HM
Gratses and stuff
Big booty bumping.

Words to describe my Saturday nights. Have a good one everybodyyyy
Still looking for a dps/healer or a healer/dps either way would work for me
Are there any healers/dps left on this server I wonder that either aren't in a guild or quit WoW?
Nope, no healers. This I know for sure.
Still looking for a Healer with OS DPS or DPSer with OS Healing!
Someday when I house sit I'll remember to bring my authenticator
Bump for Monday!

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