Playing with Blues?

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This thread has been quite interesting to read, it makes you think that anyone that you meet just might be a Blizzard employee.

Sure the chances are slim but, it could still happen.

I better be on my best behavior :3
well there in't jousting, there are the tonks. but they could make thoes more like actually battlein someone, were you have to target someone. but the tonks are almost like pvp, but with tonks. i guss they could have somethink like you have to kill a tonk. darkmoon fair is a fair...not a tornament, thats why in the argent Tornament, there are jousting. its a time were fairs jusy dont happen to offen...with wrath of the lich king in northrend, no fairs. the darkmoon fair is a time for cellabration. so...there are lots of fun stuff that goes on in there.
one thing is certain, i am not a blizzard imployee, and i dont live neer were the headcorters are (i think california). so...ya. not that intrested in being one, its like having ur favorite food right out infront of you, ur also starving, but you cant have it, i would probably be playi g the whole time, or have a bad day at work every day.
Like Jane Goodall and the chimps, the Blues infiltrate the players with caution in order to study behavioral patterns and mating rituals.

Ok well probably not Mating Rituals

brb coffee out nose.
If I remember correctly they had a "queue with a blue" event on the PTR once about a year ago I think it was...maby a little longer my sense of WoW time is subject to change rules entirely at any point for no reason.
Way back in the days of Asheron's Call, I played with an employee. I was never 100% sure they were, but I suspected. After we had hunted together for a long time, I told him I was going to log off. He responded with, "Not here". I said, "This is perfectly safe. I have always logged out here". His response was, "things change. Trust me. You don't want to log out here".

The next day, the city was destroyed and overrun by baddies.

Wish I had written down that masked man's name. :-)
02/22/2012 07:00 AMPosted by Zarhym
I haven't grouped with any of my coworkers in a while. The last thing we did was roll alts and quest together on our lunch breaks once a week, but that ended around Westfall. :p

OMG, why does Blizz favor Alliance! Why do we Horde get the shaft all the time!? This is so unfair!


Yeah, Alliance players, see how stupid it sounds when it happens to your faction. Now you know how we Horde feel every few days.
From the amount of blue's that have responded directly to questions, I can only conclude one thing. You guys are just bored, and are on your actual characters asking yourselves questions. ^_^
Wonder if blues have a right if they see something in the middle of playing that is against the TOS that they can just outright ban the player on the spot haha.
Yeah, Alliance players, see how stupid it sounds when it happens to your faction. Now you know how we Horde feel every few days.

Dude, if you think there's no bias, fine, but what sounds stupid here is trying to argue that because some Blizzard employees once rolled some lowbie Alliance alts and got as far as Westfall before they quit, accusations of pro-Horde bias are obviously wrong. Srsly? Come on.
02/22/2012 07:00 AMPosted by Zarhym
But other than that I've been queuing solo. For some odd reason a part of me still gets a bit nervous when hitting that button to group with strangers.

Ohman, this makes me feel a lot better. Heck, I still get nervous grouping with friends! :)
The blues play alliance. Too bad Metzen and Samwise roll horde.

Naw, seriously, I'll bet you good money the first "level 1 gnomes" Hogger run was all Blizz employees and friends.
-Blue needs on random item-
random player: Hey! you dont need that!
Blue: Shut up i can what ever i want.
-Bans random player-
Blue: anyone else wanna complain?
Whole group: Nah im good.

Haha i doubt this would happen though
They're the trolls in tradrchat

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