I'm inclined to think this is a troll.
Is there someone spreading rumors that AGI is good for us, or are these coordinated trolling efforts?

This is the 2nd thread I've seen today saying that AGI is good for Plate DPS (Ret specifically)
Agility used to be ok during wrath of the lich king because it did give us dodge, but that's been changed. I believe prot paladins get parry now from strength, so there is now no reason at all to go for any agility.
02/22/2012 11:48 AMPosted by Paladinchaz
Is there someone spreading rumors that AGI is good for us, or are these coordinated trolling efforts?

Never underestimate the power of stupidity.
LOL, agility.. Did I just stumble into the druid forum all of a sudden?

Now that is appropriate use of a Kiril.
Agility hasn't been useful for ret since cataclysm began, and it hasn't been useful for prot since they fixed it in 4.2 to not give dodge to plate classes, and even before that you only took non-armor pieces with agility if they were better itemized mastery-wise than the actual tank pieces due to holes in the loot table.
Thank's everyone for your input... I have a clear understanding now that Agility is now a useless stat and that their are more beneficial gems / elixirs / enchants that benefit us more.
Agility increases crit by a small amount.

It shouldent be considered for Pallies.
prot paladins used to have a very good dodge modifier from agility making things like necks/rings very good for them if they had a lot of mastery on them. often better then str items.

they changed this during firelands however and there is no longer any reason for a plate wearer to have agi gear.
Best troll I have seen in awhile

10/10 buddy.
02/22/2012 10:49 AMPosted by Drivebye
The heroic polarm off of madness is BiS for a ret pally the agi is such a big crit boost it trumps everything.


For a minute I couldn't remember what expansion this was.

Then I remembered it was the expansion where primary stats made sense. Ret paladins definitely don't want agility and they definitely don't want an agi polearm when the same boss drops the best strength 2H in the game.
This thread is epic.

Agi for prot.

Heroic polearm for ret.

All kinds of good info here, slow down though, I can't write this stuff down fast enough.


EDIT: Oh, typically for there to be a debate over something you need an opposing argument, another party or a legitimate issue...
Agility stopped being good for ret back at the end of wrath.

Agility stopped being good for prot during the middle of this expansion when we lost our agil->dodge ratio.

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