5/8H 398 Legendary Mage LF Guild

Guild Recruitment
Looking for a guild with same (or better) progression.

I've been playing since Vanilla - mage since BC. Comfortable playing any class/role (probably xfer one/some of my alts if it's a good fit), very game savvy, multiple WoL rankings.

Seeing what's out there; look forward to seeing some responses.

Edit: Looking to raid 10m, but if the shoe fits I'll consider going back to 25m.
We aren't 5/8HM yet but we have a lot to offer, check us out...

<<Zen>> (Horde-Deathwing) is an all-adult group of semi-hardcore raiders who are passionate about conquering endgame content and pride ourselves on an environment emphasizing simplicity, efficiency, respect, and enjoyment.

We are an exclusively 10-person content raiding guild. We are looking for people who share our core values of respect, selflessness, loyalty, and trust. We highly value individuals with mature and objective attitudes with whom we can build long-term, trusting relationships, and who are as serious about progression as we are. One need not be the most knowledgeable nor have the most amazing gear, but should be ready, willing, and able to learn and have the patience to endure the struggles that come with progression as well as consider advice on how you may better benefit yourself as well as the guild.

This is not to say that we don't have fun, we are a open minded, social guild that loves to laugh.

Weekday Core (1/8 HM DS)
* Tuesdays @ 7 - 11pm MST
* Thursdays @ 7 - 11pm MST

Current Needs:

(Weekday Raiding Core)
*we would also be willing to talk about back-up raiders

Please have experience with 8/8 of the current (Normal-Not LFR) dragon soul tier as regards to the position you are applying for. Applicants should be ready, willing and geared to continue working towards heroic progression.

(Casual /Weekend Core)
*All classes/Specs

We are going to be starting up a weekend DS raiding core with a more relaxed atmosphere than the weekday group. Any class/spec may apply until all raiding slots are full.
We also want to open up the opportunity for interested parties to check us out maybe drop in an alt our two and get a chance to know us. We all are on a first name basis with our fellow guild members and want to keep that personable atmosphere. We will screen casual players and weekend raiders to insure they are the right fit before being invited to the guild.

If you have further questions, please contact Taransula (Deathwing-US) real id: skylightjt@yahoo.com, Yobó (Deathwing-US) real id: Notredamer8257@gmail.com, visit our website at www.wowzen.enjin.com, or you can speak to any ZEN guild member and I will try to get into contact as soon as possible.
Hey there,

Really seems like you're what we need right now. We are currently 5/8 Heroic with good Warmaster progression. Please add me on Real ID ASAP and we can talk furthur. We do offer paid transfers as well.


Hope to hear from ya.
<My Life for Aiur> of Draenor [A] - [10 MAN]

8/8H Dragon Soul --- US 93 (44th 10 man) --- Realm 1st
7/7H Firelands
13/13H Tier 11

RAID TIMES: M/T/W/Th 10:30-2:30 CST

We raid fairly late, particularly if you are located on the east coast. Please verify these times will fit your schedule before contacting us.

Looking to recruit two exceptional caster DPS, preferably a mage and a shadow priest, to push hard mode progression in Mists of Pandaria. Interested applicants should have solid Dragon Soul gear and experience (5/8HM minimum) and preferably previous tiers' hard mode experience.

Contact Blutrünstig or Ellory if interested or contact us via realid:

Blut: alphatheos@gmail.com
Ellory: transsilverbob94@yahoo.com
Hey, my team is looking into recruiting a ranged DPS.

Not gonna copy paste our entire thing here, but the important information regarding my group is listed below.

→ 10man team on the Eitrigg (CST) server.

Raid Times
→ Tuesdays (7 server - 11:30 server)
→ Thursdays (8 server - 11:30 server)

→ 13/13 Tier 11 - Realm First/Only on Ascendent Council, Nefarian, Cho'gall, and Sinestra.
→ Pre-nerf Realm First/Only 7/7 Heroic Firelands
→ Realm First 8/8 and 6/8H DS
→ 2nd transition on Spine

We raid more during progression.

→ Fairly laid back, but we are serious about raiding and several members have been raiding since Vanilla.
→ Competitive
→ We love alts -- our primary alts are 8/8 DS as well.

Contact me here, in PMs (to Aremie) on our site (SDMguild.com), or in-game (realid: xhalite@gmail.com) if you'd like to talk.
Exigent Horde 10 man guild on Shattered Hand
6/8H Dragon Soul
Raid Times are tue/wed/sun 830 to midnight

Currently want to add an additional caster dps to the raid. Would like that caster to be a demo lock, boomkin, or an arcane mage.

If you have any interest you can drop an app @ www.exigent-sh.guildlaunch.com
We are in need of a mage for our Heroic Spine attempts.

Guild: Resurgence (25 Man)

Server: Stonemaul (US-PvP-PST)

  • T13 6/8H
  • T12 7/7H
  • T11 12/13H

  • Raid Times: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 7:00PM to 10:30PM PST

    Loot: Tiered DKP system

    If you are interested, check out our Recruitment page at http://resurgence-stonemaul.wowstead.com/.

    If you have any questions, feel free to contact Simony, Pewpew, Peacebringer or Caides in game.

    We hope to be raiding with you in the near future.
    <BRB Conjuring Cupcakes> is an Alliance 10 man guild on Uldaman. We raid Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday from 8-11 PM EST and are currently 5/8 HM DS. You can contact me in-game at DsuzanneH2003 at yahoo dot com.
    7/8 Heroic 10 Alliance Guild on Stormreaver - PVP - CST

    3 Night Raid Week 8-12 CST (9-1 EST)
    Monday Tuesday Thursday

    On last platform of Heroic Madness. Could use a ranged DPS, a Legendary is always welcome especially from a skilled player.

    4-8pm PST Fri/Sat/Sun
    4-8pm PST Fri/Sat/Sun
    4-8pm PST Fri/Sat/Sun

    ***CORE SPOT FOR YOU*** (Please bring logs or a video)


    6/8 HM DS

    10 man weekend raid guild.
    Great atmosphere.
    Stable home for 6+ years.
    We consider loot a tool and not a reward.

    >> www.shadeofarrows.darkbb.com << for more information.

    I'll be online tonight if you want to talk.

    RID is Lightofarrows@live.com **CONTACT ASAP**

    4-8pm PST Fri/Sat/Sun
    4-8pm PST Fri/Sat/Sun
    4-8pm PST Fri/Sat/Sun
    Blood Sweat & Tiers (8/8 in first week of DS, Currently 4/8 HM- 5/8 HM 10m) is a newer 25 man guild that was built by veteran progression raiders who were unhappy with what they were giving up in terms of guild culture in order to down content. We all believed that a guild could be progressive and STILL maintain a professional, mature teamwork oriented atmosphere. The officers and most of the guild are older, working professionals who want to have a focused raid environment coupled with a rich guild environment, all in a three day raid week.

    Blood Sweat & Tiers is a guild for experienced raiders committed to achieving a rank of US250 in 25 man raiding. We built this concept once before and our vision and our culture attracted a group of raiders that could achieve the US 214 HM LK kill. We are seeing the same caliber of player we did last time, although recruitment has been a little bit slower. We believe that Blood Sweat and Tiers has all the prerequisites of a stable, long lasting guild:

    * A membership track record of progression, we would rather run with pugs than invite poor cultural fits
    * Early success as a raid team, even with less than 25 members in raid
    * An energetic, committed, unified and experienced leadership team
    * A clearly articulated vision for the guild
    * A commitment to recruiting standards to support that vision
    * A balanced approach to achieving short term goals without sacrificing the long term

    What we are looking for:

    * Experience - We want to know you have the stamina for progression
    * Dedication - we are looking for 90+ percent attendance raiders looking for a new long-term home
    * Situational Awareness - can you do your job without standing in the < insert flame, slime, etc here >
    * Reliability - good gaming system, good internet connection, etc
    * Focus - Our raid schedule is 3 nights a week, yet we expect to clear all content
    * Forum Participation - This where we discuss strats, not while we are sitting in front of the boss.
    * Teamwork - We commit to each person that we will build a team that plays for each other, and that they will feel secure that everyone else has their full support.

    In return we offer:

    * Adult raiding - Our average raider is over 27, we do not define maturity based on one's recent ability to legally drink or quote Charlie Sheen.
    * Accountability - We are not afraid to admit our mistakes because we can use them to learn, and not berate other players
    * Drama free raid leading - no yelling, no berating, positive reinforcement, long term strategic vision
    * Rank - a goal of US 250
    * Experience - Officers have experience leading guilds and raids since early BC, and have been playing since release.
    * Progress - We progressed through 6/7 HM in 4 weeks radinig 25 man Firelands..
    * No Bench - We do not recruit a bench, we have a max roster size of 29
    * Consumebales - Flasks, feasts, enchants and guild repairs for all raiders in good standing
    * Loot - We are using a EPGP with high decay which discourages hording and encourages rapid improvement to the benefit of the raid team without officer intervention.
    * Transparency - guild management is open about all guild business, guild membership is in charge of various aspects of guild maintenance.
    * Community - the opportunity to be a team mate in something new, and not a cog is someones machine.

    Our Raid Schedule:

    * Thursday, 6:00pm - 9:00pm PST
    * Sunday, 6:00pm - 9:00pm PST
    * Monday, 6:00pm - 9:00pm PST

    All times are server/pacific time, although the server is physically in Chicago for lower pings country wide

    Please contact us at http://BloodSweatandTiers.com

    You can contact us also via email at BSaTrecruiter@gmail.com

    We look forward to meeting you

    About Us
    I'll keep this short and sweet. Fever of Malorne is recruiting select classes to aid in further progression in all Cataclysm content and hard modes. We have been around since Burning Crusade and some have known each other longer than that. We were US #150 Ulduar through 4.1!!! If you are looking for a guild that is stable in its environment and with a lot of loyal and dedicated players, then Fever is a great place to look!
    Very friendly and great atmosphere.

    Current Progression
    4/8 HM 25man (5/8 10man)

    Raid Information
    25 Man - Monday - Thursday 8-12 CST

    If you have any additional questions etc please feel free to pop on Malorne and talk to one of our officers. Or add me to Real ID isaac82@gmail.com
    GM: Parmenion
    Officers: Silvertitan, Stalos
    Hello sir! Firstly, I realize your preference is 10 man but I think you should check us out! TCN is a 25 man raiding guild currently 5/8 HM's while only raiding 3 nights a week: Tues/Wed/Thurs from 8:30-11:30PST(11:30-2:30EST) I'm not sure what times are good for you but I would love to add a strong ranged dps to my current core roster! The guild has been around since vanilla and we've been raiding since mid BC. If you're looking for a STABLE and fun place to call home I think we may be a great fit for one another! We pride ourselves in raiding effeceintly, quality over quantity!

    Please visit www.tcnguild.net for more information or to apply. Or you can also contact any officer online if you have any further questions. I would love to speak to you further if this tickles your fancy. Hope to hear from you soon!

    Your progression and gear level match what our guild needs very well. We're interested in getting a few more in our raider ranks (NOT BACKUP/BENCH).

    It would appear that you'd be a very good fit here at Requiem. Please fill out an app on our website and we'll get back to you asap. If you have any questions, please look me up via RealID listed below.

    RealID - dheatcoat@hotmail.com

    ================== More Info on Requiem ============

    We are a 25 man raiding guild on Drenden.


    - We raid Tue and Thurs 10pm-1am EST and Sunday 9pm-1am EST.
    - Requiem has had the same leadership for four years, established February 2008.
    - Top Horde guild on the server for the last two expansions.
    - Currently 4/8 Dragon Soul Heroic (all progress 25 man).
    - 6/7 Firelands with glory of the Firelands Raider.
    - 6/6 BWD Heroic & 5/5 BoT Heroic & 2/2 Throne Heroic.
    - Hand of Adal while current content (our primary impetus to organize the guild, that's how long we've been around).
    - Requiem provides raiders with flasks, repairs, pots and enchants.

    We use the EPGP loot system.

    Requeim is a mature atmosphere. We strive to provide all guild member's an enjoyable raid experience.

    When you fill out an application, please do a good job. We do not blanket post on all forums looking for guild posts, so if you received this response then your class, spec and gear level is something we are interested in but we still like to see a quality application.

    Best regards and thank you for taking the time to read our wall of text.
    not sure how thi shoe fits but we're a 25man looking for a full-time mage. our info is below and we hope to hear from you.

    TL;DR: Colossus 25man Alliance guild on med-pop PvE realm. CST Timezone. 13 raidhours/week ending before 12am EST or 11pm CST or 10pm MST or 9pm PST.

    server: Greymane, PVE, Central Time Zone. 13 raidhours/week.
    raid nights:

    Wednesday 8pm-11pm CST
    Thursday 8pm-11pm CST
    Sunday 7pm-11pm
    Monday 8pm-11pm

    Current 25man Cataclysm Progression

    t13 - 8/8 normal 3/8 heroic.


    Extended version:

    Greetings! If you are looking to experiencing deep endgame content in Cataclysm, Colossus may be the guild for you! We are currently N 8/8 and H 3/8 in Tier 13.

    Above all, we expect applicants to be mature, available for AT LEAST 75% of raid nights and to be excellent at their class. For tanks, we would ask that you be available for the bulk of raids (90%).

    ----- ABOUT US -----
    Guild is together since early Tier 4 under mostly same leadership. Accomplihed 4/6 sunwell pre-nrf, 6/6 pre-wolk, Bane in WolK and both meta drakes in ICC within relevant time.

    We raid for up to 13 hours a week on current content. In order to keep up with current content we demand a lot of our raiding members, we expect members to be online and ready to go 15min before raid start and for you to pay attention and learn from mistakes and not make the same mistakes twice.

    What differentiates us from other guilds is that we strive to be efficient at clearing content to maximize the time we can spend on 'Hard Modes' and new bosses per week.

    We plan to be actively working on hard modes as soon as normals are cleared. If this isn't your goal, Colossus is probably not the place for you. If it is, and you know your stuff, come and fill out an app at the site.

    ----- WHAT WE LOOK FOR -----

    We would like players to have at least item-level 360, but to have knowledge of all fights in current content. In addition to attendance, knowledge of class, and personality, during our trial period we watch for:

    1) Do you die stupidly (why is this fire under my feet...ouch it burns)?
    2) Do you follow instructions (did they say I shouldn't stand in this fire)?
    3) Do you keep making the same mistake (hmm...this patch of fire looks familiar)?
    4) Are you more worried about gear than the guild's progression (I bet if I had that fist weapon off KT this fire wouldn't burn so bad)?
    5) Do you show up for raids (meh, do I really feel like standing in fire tonight)?

    ----- HOW TO APPLY -----

    So you happen to be one of these classes and you're thinking to yourself "hey, my gear is pretty darn good and I don't stand in fires or afk during trash and I could make that schedule almost all the time"…well that's great! Please create a post at http://www.colossalguild.net. Click "Apply" in the recruitment box in the upper left and fill out the application completely. Don't be surprised if your post disappears; we 'move' it into a private section to discuss applications. It may take up to a week to hear a response while we consider your application.

    IMPORTANT: Take time to write a good application. The officers are, by and large, business professionals, so not using periods between sentences and abbreviating everything isn't the way to go.

    Feel free to ask Raynge, Aninn, Sharadah, Abefroman, Ava, Rock, Maddrussian, Spikemage or myself when we aren't raiding if you have any questions. If you do not see one of the above people on feel free to ask a member if they are hiding on an alt somewhere, it is very possible.

    ALSO IMPORTANT: Stay in touch with us. your forum topic will receive replies and we'd prefer to communicate through forums rather than tracking each-other down through level 1 alts.

    Officer REALID (two different people. whichever's online can help you):

    <Second Attempt> Eonar. currently 1/8H looking to fill our late night 10 man grp.

    We raid 12-3 server est.. 11-2 cst. We raid Mon-Wends.

    <Second Attempt> Runs two grps. Early 25 man and Late 10m. We are Competing for the top spots on our server but due to a couple RL situations a few people have moved to the early 25 man grp.


    Any questions you can contact me at Rebelnash03@yahoo.com realID or in game to ak, sekhmet, indofear, or post back here.

    For the stuff everybody likes to see >.>

    <Second Attempt> is a former top world 70 and realm first guild that has roots dating back to Vanilla. Even though we've been around for so long we can still use help from exceptional players like you as we push for a top world rank and kills again!

    We are looking for any CONSISTENT and EXCEPTIONAL players for Cataclysm raid content!

    Notable Progression Achievements are:
    Top 70 guild for most of Burning Crusade and Wrath of the Lich King
    Realm First! Kil'Jaeden
    Realm First! Obsidian Slayer
    Realm First! Conqueror of Naxxramas
    Realm First! Magic Seeker

    Current Dragon Soul Progression:
    8/8 Normal
    1/8 Heroic Mode

    Current Firelands Progression:
    7/7 Normal
    6/7 Heroic Mode with sub 50% attempts on Heroic Mode Ragnaros

    Tier 11 Progression:
    7/13 Heroic Mode

    <Second Attempt> is a hardcore 25 man raid guild and run 2 core raids a week which are:

    1x 25 man running from 9:00pm - 11:45pm EST server time on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays with Monday optional 1x 10 man running from 12am-3am EST server time on Tuesday, Wednesday and monday. NOTE: Although we only run two core runs a week, we also harbor runs for our friends and family, alt runs, GDKP runs, etc.

    Second Attempt has open recruitment of all classes. This goes for both of our core groups. We are always striving to be a better guild and as such maintain competitive raid rosters. We do not play favorites. If you are better than a current core raider, chances are you will earn a spot for yourself in our respective raid rosters. Regardless of this, we do have some immediate openings for our raid groups and they are listed below.

    Recruitment for our 9pm - 11:45pm EST group Tues/Wend/Thurs- optional Mon:
    1x Mage
    2x Warlock
    1x Holy / Discipline Priest
    1x Fury / Arms Warrior
    1x Boomkin
    1x Restoration Shaman
    1x Holy Paladin
    ~ Any other exceptional applicant

    Recruitment for our 12am - 3am EST group Mon/Tues/Wends:
    1x Disc/Holy or healing with Dps offspec
    1X Resto Druid
    1X Mage
    ~ Any other exceptional applicant

    For more information about this raid group you can check the thread specifically for the late night group here:

    Loot System:
    Loot is distributed by a officer led loot council which is designed to increase progression, push people to be better players given their class and keep things all around fair for our solid raiders i.e consistently on time to a raid, proficient with their character, etc.

    Outside of Raiding Activity:
    Seeing as we are a community of players and we have 2 core raid groups and plenty of alt groups as well, we do more than just raiding. We also farm old content for transmog gear, old legendaries, etc. We are also avid PvPers and RBGer's so if these are things that interest you, then we're the guild for you, because there's rarely a dull moment in the guild!

    About Us:
    Originally Second Attempt started off from the roots of two Vanilla progression guilds, being Reign and Last Attempt. After the birth of Second Attempt we pushed for many realm firsts in Burning Crusade and held a formidable top world rank. After a period of time and after clearing early Wotlk content with more realm firsts the guild looked elsewhere for experience with the game and most realm transferred to start a new guild on a new realm. As it stands now Second Attempt has been reborn with ex officers and guild mates of Second Attempt that spent some time reforming in Cynosure and then came over to reform and restore Second Attempt. We are currently recruiting various classes and types of exceptional players for the new Cataclysm content.

    About You:
    You should be a skilled and dedicated player, striving to better yourself alongside the guild. You're experience and numbers should be alongside or better then that of our core guild members. Second Attempt is consistently looking to better itself and thus pushes for achievements and heroic modes, with this in mind you should have a similar mindset, look to theory craft to better your class, etc.
    Hello Peruallstar,

    I like to keep it short and simple. :)

    Guild: <Dark Nemesis>

    Server: Bloodhoof (PVE-US) - Alliance

    Website: http://darknemesis.guildlaunch.com/

    Current Progression: 5/8 Heroic DS

    Raiding Hours: Monday through Thursday: 8:00 pm till Midnight EST
    *Initiates are expected to maintain 75% raid attendance.*

    If you are interested in applying, or would like more information please visit our guild website at:

    *Any Officer would be happy to answer your questions. Good luck in your search!!*
    Crashcoarse (realID: dwaynemorse2008 at aol.com)
    Emeraldkitty (real ID: tylerskitty at yahoo.com)
    Heavenzgrace (realID: Elysil at gmail.com)
    Mombie (realID: adam.buky at gmail.com)
    Nygma (realID: whiplash2112 at yahoo.com)

    Hey Get Carried is recruiting players for its 25man roster for 4.3 Dragon Soul raid. I feel you would be an exceptional fit to our team. Let me fill you in with some quick and simple information about Get Carried.

    Raid Days- Tues, Wed, Thurs
    7-10pm est
    Loot Council

    4/8 Heroic DS
    7/7HM FL

    You can drop an APP at http://getcarried.shivtr.com/
    or choose to do a vent app

    nintendo_revolution1234@yahoo.com (Gellea)
    Foreversight@hotmail.com (Monsoon)
    thisisnotataco@live.com (Vallie) is our Real ID if ya wanna chat (please enter your class and "App" in the info so i know) aka Resto Druid App
    Hi Peruallstar,

    My guild is recruiting a Mage for our main progression group, who are currently 6/8H DS10 with 2nd plate down on Spine. We are looking for a mage who is equally strong in their skill to play both fire or arcane, when required, and who already has a legendary or are very close to one. This is a core spot and as such, we require a high level of skill and reliability. I'll paste our info below, and if you are interested, I encourage you to visit our website at www.notabigdeal.net or pst Jila, Josephene, or Murder in game for more info. Hope to hear from you!



    Guild Name: Not a Big Deal
    Guild Type: 10m Progression Raiding
    Realm: Azgalor-US (PVP), CST
    Faction: Horde
    Raid Days: Mon - Wed (Sun is back-up), 6-10/11pm CST (12-16 hours per week during progression)
    Current Progression: 6/8 Heroic Dragon Soul (2nd plate on Spine down), 7/7 Heroic Firelands
    Website: www.notabigdeal.net
    WoWProgress: http://www.wowprogress.com/guild/us/azgalor/Not+a+Big+Deal

    Recruiting for Core Spots in our G1, Main Progression Raid Group:
    - a Mage (i397+ equipped, must have T13 kills/experience and a legendary)
    - a Restoration/Balance Druid (i397+ equipped, must have T13 heroic kills/experience), with high skill and comfort level playing both specs
    - a Dps/Blood Death Knight (preferred) or a very strong Retribution/Protection Paladin (i397+ equipped, must have T13 heroic kills/experience), with high skill and comfort level playing both specs

    The following are major pluses:
    - T13 and T12 heroic kills (experience)
    - ability to work in a fun yet constructive atmosphere for progression (attitude)
    - a very planned/stable schedule with perfect to near perfect attendance (availability)

    <Not a Big Deal> is a 10m progression raiding guild on the Azgalor-US realm, currently working on completing Heroic Tier 13 end-game content as it's fresh. We are a tight knit, friendly group who enjoys serious progression. Running with an 11-12 man roster, our core raiders are all extremely committed to our guild goals and our officers work diligently to keep organization smooth and focused.

    We expect all core raiders to be responsible for their character in terms of appropriate enchanting, gemming, reforging, and professions in order to maximize their performance, even for an offspec. All of our raiders consistently rank on World of Logs parses. We offer our raiders guild repairs, cauldrons and feasts for raids, although being prepared with back up flasks, food and pots is mandatory, again even for offspec. We require our raiders to have an extremely high level of commitment to both the guild and their character, near perfect attendance, a positive attitude and courteous, friendly demeanor at all times. Thorough and up to date research on all encounters, as well as your own class/spec(s) is mandatory.

    A loot council consisting of Officers is used for distributing all dropped gear. Greedbags are not tolerated. Our raiders are all very cooperative and understanding that loot is a by-product of boss kills and the more progression bosses down, the more loot will drop, preparing us not for current content, but future content. We gear up our whole team to be strong, not individuals.

    If you feel you meet our requirements and are interested in being considered for our team, please visit our guild website for information and to fill out an application, or whisper Jila, Josephene or Murder in game. Please note that only those who apply will be considered for recruitment. While many others talk about progression and what they want to do, we go out and actually do it - less talk, more action. Thank you for your interest in <Not a Big Deal>!
    <Vex> of Gorefiend (H)

    Vex of Gorefiend is a 25 man guild founded in TBC. We are 7/7 H Firelands, & 6/8 H Dragon Soul. We have a solid progression raid team made up of focused and dedicated individuals looking to add exceptional players to an already solid roster. We offer competitive raiding in a mature but relaxed environment. Join Gorefiend's #1 25 man guild.

    Currently accepting applications from all classes & specs.

    Guild Website:

    Raid Times:
    Tues., Wed., & Mon.
    8-11:30pm EST

    Real ID Contact Info
    Miusterga: Miumiu162@gmail.com
    Eprodigy: Eprodigy11@hotmail.com
    Caera: Caera1621@hotmail.ca
    Jakaro: jsjakaro@live.com

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