-Perfect Attendance- 6/16Hm LF Friends

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Current Progression
16/16 Nm 6/16 Hm

Current Recuitment
- Friends

Casual players and PvPers are always welcome

There is NO formal application for core raid spots, we like to assess our trails in the raid environment. We do however ask for a World of Logs parse before we consider the applicant for trail.

Raid Schedule (All times are PST)

Tuesday: 8pm - 11pm
Wednesday: 8pm - 11pm
Thursday: 8pm - 11pm
Extra/Makeup Nights
Sunday or Monday: 8pm - 11pm

General Information About Us
Very laid back group of people that enjoy killing bosses and progressing through hard modes. If people are online we're all usually in ventilo goofing off and enjoying the game as that is what a game is for. However the most enjoyable part of this game is killing hard mode bosses and having that feeling of success after finally killing that boss you've wiped to for the last few nights. If you are a active, social person that likes to meet new people, likes to have fun but also knows when its time to buckle down an be serious this is the place to be.

Guild Members Favorite Pass Times
- Playing many other games
- Leveling alts
- Being PvP heros
- Raiding on multiple characters
- Talking about sports
and lastly but not least
- Trolling Durlroz

Contact Information
Guild Master and Raid Leader: Eugo#1274
Myself: Durlz#1940
Any Raider online (Rank 2+ in guild)
Slight update
will to do...things for a warlock!
Still seeking a ele shaman or demo warlock
Still need an ele shammy? I'm your man! 1/8 hm downed dw back in December and was 6/7 hm fl! Let me know if you're interested or hit me up in game. Alt code for my å is alt 0229
Updated Recruitment
To clarify

We are not trying to fill/ change our raid roster at this time that said we are looking for players that would like a change of pace possibly moving up from a more casual guild. The current recruitment is mainly to grow the guild and with Mists of Pandaria coming around the corner raid spot may open up. These potential raid spots will be earned by any interested players regardless they are in the guild or not. Typically we like to have a verbal interview with players interested in raiding just to make sure they know what's going on with their class, the game/current tier and most importantly that they have a personality that is enjoyable to be around.

For any further questions or further explanation please contact me in game.

Re-name guild to <Dalaran NPCs> imo!

<3 :3
That would be pretty funny :)
This thread is not amusing! You must be doing something wrong.......Where's the humor?
Re-name guild to <Dalaran NPCs> imo!

<3 :3

Should Re-name the guild to <Days of our Lives in Dalaran>

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