-Perfect Attendance- 6/16Hm LF Friends

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Busybee you will always have my friendship <3 and possibly frosts as well but you'll have to ask him
D: oh sorry... was being called very mean things by some friends for raiding instead of playing LoL T~T so i had to come some games in afterwards :3


Love the new look <3
Watching IPL5 Lol tourny NA getting their butts kicked all over the place
thx babe :3
If you still need a hunter let me know.
we are still looking for a hunter, get ahold of me tomorrow ima pass out now
dang yo what happens when u l8!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ill get in touch with you when i get off work today. Im logged out in pvp gear
12/04/2012 01:34 AMPosted by Akhiro
dang yo what happens when u l8!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You get sent to the cave....


...so don't be late...yo...
Still looking for a hunter
an a healer
come out come out where ever you are healers :3
are there no healers or something?

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