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I've checked curse, but don't see anything that has the following abilities and are even close to being up to date with current WoW release. Surprised this isnt now part of the actual wow client.

Simple guild management addon required to track the following:

1) Catalogue and link each members alts back to their primary main toon.
2) Record guild join date. [Blizz GM confirms this info is available from servers and GMs can see, but not non-GMs].
3) Ability to put some notes on any member that the addon tracks. {more than just like 30 characters!}

Anything over and above this would be ok, but those are the basics.

The idea being to simply be able to keep track of the mains and alts of people. When you have people with 10 alts in guild, and there are 50+ members, it's hard to figure out quickly who is who. The ability create a linkage between the toons, then even add notes on any given toon would be a major benefit to guildmasters and officers.

Based upon what other addons do, it would seem this kind of addon should be possible- as long as the guild member info can be queried from the server in some kind of script.

Sadly, I lack the ability to create addons at this time, or I would dig into it myself. I'm thinking that this is such a common issue that someone must be looking at it already- but all the guildmaster's i've queried so far say they arent aware of anything yet.

Hopefully some of you uber good scripters are on top of this?
I think the addon Identity from curse would be an easy fix, if you can get your guild to use it, it just adds (mains name) after the toon name of your alts if set up. takes 3 seconds per toon first time you turn it on,
Some notes:

1. You'd have to catalog people manually. WoW does not expose account id information to the client. This is a privacy issue. No AddOn can do this completely automatically.

2. Recording join date - again, this information isn't exposed to the game client. Web sites ( that track this sort of thing do it by comparing the roster snapshots. Or using a custom addon that does a lot of /who queries. You'd end up doing this manually.

3. Infinitely possible!
I can understand that the account id itself wouldnt be exposed- makes sense.

However since i can use the guild pop up to view the entire roster, and it never lags, i'm better that the info is already cached after you've accessed the guild roster a few times.

Also, the roster members are plainly visible in the incoming packets when you do start up the game and open the roster tab the first time.

So, there might not be an api command to pull the members names, but if not blizzard should add at least that since its already exposed via screenshot etc anyway.

The GM i spoke to on this actually thought that the joined to guild date would be exposed- it was on his roster screen, but we quickly determined that the gui for non-gm clients didnt display it.

I am surprised that since adding all the major enhancements to the guild functionality in the game, that they still havent added / expanded the guild management things at least to some extent.

Thanks- hope more info from others will lead to a solution. From what other guildmasters are telling me, this is a royal pain that is currently resolved by running separate programs/databases/websites and tabing back and forth.
By the way, using /saveguildroster would be the first logical step to gathering up the data into some kind of external program.

It also shows that if they get pushed, blizzard already has the ability to expand the / commands to provide more useful api calls for building such an addon.
I should clarify something- Tracking of the alts "automatically" isnt a big requirement. It would be fairly easy to manually link alts to the main either when they join the guild, or by the main themselves the first time.

The key is to have the database accessible via the wow client addon(s), and then to allow some simple abilities to add, link and such from that database. Each entry would have notes and such associated with it.

That would be a huge step forward, and a solid foundation for doing more things later.
*sigh* apparently they removed the saveguildroster command at some point recently. alot of wikis arent updated though.

The stated reason was for security issues, but that seems silly. Dedicated programmers can still use a number of other api calls to essentially build a fairly complete list of guild member names. I can see at least 4 or 5 api calls that would only possibly miss very inactive members, and you could always just create a script to promote or demote each member which causes a guild event log entry, which is then retrievable via the api.

So, to me at least it would seem the only people deterred by the removal of /saveguildroster would be people probably not doing bad things.
If I get a chance this weekend I'll write you a little addon that will do the following;

1. Add tracking a guildies join date (by the first time they are seen in the guild roster)
2. Add a method for identifying mains vs alts (will try use guild notes to determine but will then be manual)
3. Add an large text field for adding comments
4. Add a panel to sit off of the guild roster with that information to be visible

Initial version will only be local (i.e. only you will see your notes etc)

I'll provide a link when I'm done

I've created the shell of an addon that forms a file based database from 2 sources: the guildbank money log, and the guild event log.

Obviously this would only give you members names based upon recent activity. Still it allows you to record who invited them in, and even the approximate date/time stamp. More refines will be possible, but when used over time, it even allows for not scanning the 2 sources every day.

Creating a proper GUI interface for 'managing' the entries would be the next job. That would by definition include the ability to add notes. The fields already exist in the database for things like linkage upwards to main toon, notes, last time seen, etc.

Just plain silly though. Whatever reason blizzard hasnt developed this themselves, and why they removed the roster dump, is beyond me. Took less than 4hrs to get a debugged base addon working that essentially will make the removal of /saveguildroster irrelevant.

Bizarro, have u created the addon yet? I would really appreciate and use it all the time really.
Whoops, I meant to say Upyursh.

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