Do ye hate Clan Battlehammer?

Moon Guard
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If you can behave yourselves, I see now reason why not. More Dwarf RP is certainly welcome here as there is little of it.

However, judging by the reactions of others in this thread I'm not entirely sure what my stance is on the whole thing :/
I think it's a bit arrogant to be sooooo vague in your opening post, like everyone should just know what you're talking about, and then on further questioning, not provide any info (or even a guild site link!) and instead tell people to google it, lol... especially since that would have been a prime time to do a little educating/recruiting!

But I do love dwarves. I think you shouldn't go into this, if you decide to, under the impression that your guild is well known or famous or people know who you are. You may have respect and support on Emerald Dream but you'd have to earn that here, too. It doesn't just come automatically.
((wasn't trying to be arrogant... just didn't want to break any TOS and have the post removed. What I was trying to get at was that we are not hard to find as a google search or youtube search will bring a flood of results. we've been around coming up on 3 years and am working under the assumption that anyone that has looked for an all dwarf guild - should have heard of us by now))
((did ye happen to see us tonite?))
When you were around, I tried contacting your guild to see what it was about and if you wanted to run events with <The First Regiment>.

I was promptly told that we hadn't contributed enough to PvP to deserve your respect.
02/23/2012 08:46 PMPosted by Brustag
((want us to grow or leave))

Not to be mean...but you did say to check out your website.


That is a big no no on Moon Guard. Blacklists of any kind are stupid and kill the community. Most of us don't care if he's a total troll. Just use word of mouth to say to ignore him or politely inform the person that we will not RP with you. Putting a name on a public board is absolutely rude and downright disgraceful.

Finally Moira asked, “King Brúenor, what say yeh should Ironforge fall under attack from the Horde again, and t’ city guards are overrun?”

“Mi ‘lady, I assure yeh we will come to your aide. We still have need to be in this great city, my troops need supplies, and specific training that cannot be found outside these walls. And of course for t’ matter of trading and the auction house, I can guarantee you there will be one of my clansmen in the city who can summon us to yer aide in an instant. I give yeh my word.”

“Then in that case I hereby relinquish any claim that I or my people have to Blackrock Hall unto you and yer Clan. I beg yeh, restore it to its former glory. And protect it with your very lives, as yeh have this great city for these past years.” She replied and then turned to Muradin and let out loud, “Aye!”

Woah. Woah. Woah.

Controlling a major lore character is bad in the first place; Claiming that said major lore character is letting you take her home is a much worse offense. While things like this may work on Emerald Dream because of the smaller community, I promise you now if you do this you will have more than enough enemies on this server. Alliance and Horde.

Also while I'm on the subject of this, claiming that you can instant transport anywhere via portal is usually frowned upon. When you're on campaign, you're on campaign. You shouldn't be running back and forth to the city unless you purposely stayed or are a mage.

Also, that...was the only RP info I could find on you guys. If you want to succeed as a RP-PvP guild, you should really tell us how Clan Battlehammer came to be, why it's doing what it is now, and what land it owns or previously owned (since I noticed that you're King of the clan).
I think the biggest thing is to just be polite. As long as you are gracious to the players here and treat your fellow guilds with respect, you will be welcome.
After perusing your guild site and taking note of the public blacklist and that link to an addon that blacklists entire guilds, not to mention the controlling of a major lore character...

You're going to have more enemies than friends, and you don't want this server hating you.

Trust me.
I've always seen Battlehammer troll and PvP more than RP. I have a friend in your guild who says you guys have very little RP , too.

No, I don't think we're interested in a dwarven PvP guild on Moon Guard. :\ Sorry.
It's hard to say.

I really enjoyed the Mountain Guard, but if they had a problem with your clan, it was probably for a good reason.

And a lot of the posts on this thread arn't exactly serving in your favor from past experiences. However, having another dwarf guild would be really nice, and if the past can be put aside and new niceness surface, it might all work out fine. :)
what? not enough going on Emerald Dream?
((interesting... well if you did your research, BL deserved every bit of our retaliation - and we help quash there terrible guild into oblivion. it was one of the most crowning achievements we contributed to on ED. again this only happen after their repeated IRL attacks upon our players, i won't go into this further.

we are rp-pvp, and we bring numbers and pain to our horde enemies. we attack an horde horde cities and down city bosses weekly. if MG is just pve RP... with no interest in large epic scale wpvp battles, then I won't bother. if you don't find that our videos are RP, then I don't know what else is.

as for blacklists - you can't be online 100% of the time, and you need communication channels. you don't get onto that list very easily, you need to be a complete !@#$ to get there and my players should know who not to recruit... or who to kick if they sneak into the guild. those who manage large 300+ players guilds know this is a must.

Grimhildr - well we just disagree on everything and nothing good will come our our continued exchanges. I just hope she doesn't troll our rp events if we choose to continue here.

One other important item... I don't plan to and will not give up ED -- it is far to awesome in the realm of wpvp. This MG guild is simply an alt guild for fun, and I have no intention to move the true guild here.

Ive heard repeatedly the complaint that dwarf rp and whatnot was lost here and we can help to bring it back, but if that isn't wanted - I know Wyrmrest Accord (where we have another RP guild front) seems to be far more accepting. We did a 23 dwarf raid with lvl 5s on Orgrimmar gates, escorted by a 10-15 85s about 3 weeks ago and it was great fun.

As it stands... it looks like responses are about 50/50 - still looking for more feedback as my mind isn't made up just yet. However, I will instruct the guild to level to 10 so we can at least form up a raid group of 40 strong and see where that goes. /salute))

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