[H] Honor and Arms - 3/8H - LF guild Merge

Long story short, we moved from Stormrage horde (which we were one of only two active raiding guilds) to ZJ for 4.3 content and future endeavors. We were 6/7 heroic in FL and a top 2k guild, we have pretty much held around the top 2k mark for the past few expansions. Our core 10m came over along with a few others. Now we're looking to expand and get more established on Zul'Jin.

We are looking to absorb or merge up with other small 10m guilds, or any guilds interested regardless of raiding or not. Or just any casuals interested in joining up with us. Regardless of progression, we are looking for like-minded people to grow and community with. A bunch of us also enjoy PvP and retro content, etc, etc.

My vision is to have quite a few solid 10 man teams running within HnA, like we used to have.

Currently we are 1/8H in DS having full cleared it within the first week(we are actually on the very tip of being 3/8H, just rough with fills sometimes). Since Christmas we've had strong roster issues, along with 2 vacations and myself whom got married, which has severely thumped our progression. We believe we have filled those positions, but nothing is guaranteed. If you are interested in our core team, then you can make that known. We are capable and able to be at least 4/8H if not 5/8H by now, with our core team showing up weekly.

We raid 2 days a week (Tues/Thurs from 8-11 EST) and have always prided ourselves with being fairly competitive while raiding only 6 hours a week. Most of us are older, a few over 30 and quite a few mid to late 20's. We all are either in school, have careers and/or families which are clearly more important. BUT we also take raiding very seriously and show up focused and do work come raid time. We've been able to make this work, and quite well I might add, since Kara days when I initially formed this 10m.

Not that any of the above matters of course if you bring your own 10m in, you certainly can run it the same way you do currently.

We are a level 25 guild of course. We've been around since vanilla and have a very strong history, which is the one and only reason we don't want to be absorbed, ourselves. We provide free repairs, flasks, potions and food for our raid groups. Obviously, your current leaders will have officer status and be involved in any guild decisions if they should arise, bank tabs and access, and all that stuff, accordingly. That's not an issue to us whatsoever, this is YOUR guild now as well. :)

A guild merge has many advantages of which I will not list them all here, but one of the main factors is alt access from other groups for fills, I can guarantee you highly skilled fills from our current core teams alts, among other things.

If you are interested, you can reply here or in game to me, Rabidity, Amarao, Fatuan or Adfecto.

Or just post something up here: hna.shivtr.com

Looking forward to hopefully hearing from some of you!
I remember those guys, appreciate the info! :)
I think so too, we like it so far :)
Monday bump! Got another quality 10m to hook up with, would be cool to have another or 2! :)
Bump! Core group is almost full, still/always looking to try out some excellent DPS or healers. Also looking to grow the guild a bit more merger wise!
Oh, familiar guild.


hoep you guys are doing well too
Doing pretty well! When you guys taking the plunge? Plenty of room here, great server. :)
Now 3/8H with our core group finally back together!
the whistle goes woooooo!
daily bump
Hit me up on Xliv or my alt Jsb if interested! Will be on quite a bit today
last bump!

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