[A] 4/8 HM, 10 Man Looking for 1 Healer!

Impending Doom is looking to finish off its newly refurbished 10 man raiding roster with 1 exceptional Tank healer. A disc priest is preferable, however the right holy pally would also be considered. We feel strongly that this one last piece of the puzzle is all that we need to really push progression on a competitive level, while maintaining a 3 night raid schedule.

Our raid schedule is as follows:

Tuesday, Wednesday: 9:30 - 12:30 server (evening's)

Sunday: 7:00 - 11:00 pm

We will be looking for well credentialed players above all else, including current gear level. If these times work for you, but you would like to remain in your current guild, this would be fine with me also, as long as you remain consistent in raid attendance, come prepared, and perform.

Impending Doom is a small guild consisting of mostly older players. We expect people to behave during raid and in vent in a mostly mature manner, although occasionally we experience episodes of sophmoric, toilet humor-driven giggling in vent or raid chat, it usually only occurs if something super funny happens, and raiding is serious business, so its not often.

If interested, please contact me in-game, either by means of whisper, or in game mail.

Our raid schedule is as follows:

Tuesday, Thursday: 9:30 - 12:30 server (evening's)

Sunday: 7:00 - 11:00 pm

Guild Charter:
Impending Doom strives to perform to the best of our ability while maintaining a fun and relaxing atmosphere. We are a group of people that enjoy raiding and enjoy downing content while it is still current. We are looking to gain momentum as the expansion draws to a close and have a strong start come next expansion.

Who we are:
We’re a mix of server transfers and native Korgath players that seek to progress through Dragon Soul. In our ranks we have people who have done hardmodes in various tiers of content as well as players with years of experience behind our backs. Impending Doom was started by a dedicated core of mature raiders who truly love the game, and at the time sensed a shift in values amongst the members and leaders of their current guild. Over time we have recruited people from different backgrounds to bolster our raid roster.
What we’ve done:
Firelands: 7/8H
Dragon Soul: 3/8H

What we’re looking for:
Maturity: While we may goof off a lot in guild or raid chat we know when it’s time to be serious. We expect the same out of applicants.

Gear/Experience: Gear isn’t the end all, be all factor that helps you get in or denied, but it’s definitely a plus, we expect our applicants be fairly geared as you will be thrown into the fire your first raid. Experience is definitely a plus, having people that know it takes time to down bosses during progress and being able to have a positive mindset is key.

In addition to everything listed above we expect to have raiders with positive and realistic attitudes, gear is a not everything. Loot is /rolled most of the time and we expect people to be mature about it.

Recruitment Needs:

Priest: Shadow with viable healing spec
Druid: Feral DPS with viable tanking skills
Exceptional DPS are more than welcome to apply

If you would like to apply, Contact Ninshiko, Cptncuervo, or Crazycrackkr in game or by mail.
4/8H now!! BUMP!

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