Please kill 25 m raids - from a 25 man raider

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I am an officer in the sole remaining 25 man raiding guild on my server. As has been exhaustively written about in other posts, 25 man raiding is in the worst phase it has been since BC. I am not going to rehash why, I'm just going to use this post to express my wish.

Please consolidate 10 and 25 man raiding into a single size.

What that size is I don't mind, but the development time for new content that is being diverted by Blizzard having to balance both 10 and 25 man raiding in both normal and heroic mode is contributing to the limited number of bosses per encounter.

Only having 7 bosses in Firelands, and now 8 in DS, is making for mid patch absences to occur earlier and earlier.

I would much rather raid in a 15 man tier with 10 bosses than persisting with 25 man in it's current format.
Consolidate 10 and 25 into 25 please.
Why don't we meet in the middle and make it a 20 man raid.

Another thing that i noticed was totally lacking from the DS was the random mobs that wander around. Sure there are a few, but not nearly as many as in previous instances.

Or perhaps they are just easier and I'm flying through them so fast that I don't notice them ;p
From a 25 player raider ...

Please kill 10 player raids. It'll help cure my altaholism =)
/Agree...I would rather have more content to consume and if consolidating to one raid size (5, 10, 15, 20, 25 - pick one) would provide the resources to do so, please do it.
I vote for 15-mans
02/24/2012 03:10 PMPosted by Asane
When can we get solo raids? needing friends is making purple farming too hard.

That's just because you're a dwarf, and a female dwarf at that. So rare people are afraid of you... and your beard.
Wholeheartedly agree. I've made this point before, but I don't think enough people (especially devs) have gotten the message. In their effort to please everyone, Blizz has created a ridiculous five difficulty levels for each raid now(LFR, 10 & 25 norm, 10 and 25 H). Can people not see the the giant hole that they've dug themselves into with this?

How many resources are now spent tuning all five of those difficulty levels? Can you imagine how much better it would be if those resources that were being diverted into tuning the same things over and over could actually be applied to, I don't know, making more content? There's been a lot of threads lately about people missing BC raiding. BC raids had one difficulty setting each, and I'm positive that's a huge part of why they were able to produce those sprawling raids like Kara and BT with a dozen-plus bosses in them.

Of course they can't go back to the single difficulty model, but 3 would be a good compromise - LFR, 15 norm, 15H. I'd take a raid with 12 bosses and 3 difficulties over a raid with 8 bosses and 5 difficulties any day. Who wouldn't?
Meh, either format is fine, it just mean another game will pick up the other format and snatch the audience from WoW... Personally I'd prefer WoW raiding be 25-men only while having D3 or Titan dedicating to small group/raid contents... That way I can finally kiss WoW goodbye and move on to something new...
I'd quit.
02/24/2012 03:10 PMPosted by Asane
When can we get solo raids? needing friends is making purple farming too hard.

I am trying to make a serious point - please don't try to derail this thread with useless chatter like this - Thanks
I'm in one of two 25 man Horde guilds on my server, and I'm honestly asking myself why we even bother. I don't seen our guild benefiting from raiding 25 man. I do it because I've been in this guild since SSC, its all I know.

Our server used to have at least a dozen decent 25 man guilds, and we were always a few months behind the best. Most of those players that were in less progressed 25 man guilds are now in more progressed in their 10 man guilds than we are in 25.

25 man seems pointless in this expansion.

I personally hope the raid sizes never decrease again. Going into TBC and having to drop 20 players from a roster was not only annoying but sad as well. I would rather share my harder earned work with 10 man casuals via equal rewards than ditch more friends.
Even though Blizzard has said that 10H is the problem difficulty balance-wise, they wouldn't dare to touch it. I personally believe that increasing 10 mans in size would be the best answer balance-wise, but that would never happen. Sometime (probably 6.0), they'll drop 25 mans down in size, if they don't remove them altogether.
If they remove 25 man raiding... I'm gone from the game.... and I know many people who still raid 25s feel the same.

10s are just glorified dungeons.... maybe not in difficulty .. but in atmosphere.
02/24/2012 02:56 PMPosted by Zarynia
Consolidate 10 and 25 into 25 please.
02/24/2012 04:35 PMPosted by Vreivai
Consolidate 10 and 25 into 25 please.
As much as I detest 25 man raiding, I'm sure I'm not the only one who would be fine with being forced into only 25 man raiding if it meant that Blizzard released content that didn't suck tremendously as the last 2 tiers have.
02/24/2012 02:56 PMPosted by Zarynia
Consolidate 10 and 25 into 25 please.

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