[A] SentineI ♀Nelf RP- update October 8th

Wyrmrest Accord
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Looking for more long-eared ladies.
Wow! Busy day for RP! ♥
This guild needs more gnomes! >:(
That picture is rather disturbing.
*Early morning bump to the top*
*Glaivewind shifts into....Tauren form? and heave-hoe bumps thread!*
Glaivewind before his morning coffee?
I'm waiting for stag form >.>
Wow! Srsrpz atm!!
It's been rather quiet lately...but we're still here!
If everything goes according to plan, I'll be around on Sunday, RPing with a potential recruit. She's a little nervous about applying, so I offered her some intro RP. That way she has at least one connection within the Sentinels. :)
Awesome Q! Did she decide if she'll apply or not?
Hello Sisters!

I applied on the website but have not heard a response yet. I am new to RP and am very interested in joining your ranks.

I love the Nightelf way of life and the Druidic faction about it personally. I come from a raid heavy guild that demanded disipline above all else, I also work IRL in a para-military setting and would find comfort in following through in the game

I hope to hear from you soon, I've heard nothing but good things.

Bump before i change post
Welcome Barkmantle! Looking forward to rp'ing with you in-game.
It took us a while but...<Sentinel> has reached the 22nd level of awesomeness. \o/

*Throws confetti*
Awesome Q! Did she decide if she'll apply or not?

I believe she is going to, just as soon as RL settles down a bit. :)
btw, bump
Bump for being awesome !

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