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Shattered Hand
Final Redemption is a lvl 14 guild looking to recruit players. We are trying to get a core 10m together and begin raiding asap. Currently looking for active players as well. We are a laid back guild that both GM's run on Pacific time. Our raids will begin about 7pm pacific time once we can get a core group. PST myself or any member of Final Redemption in game for an invite. No matter the lvl or the play style our doors are always open.
Bump. Level 15 now and putting our core 10m together. List of what we need coming soon.
ilvl 385 combat rogue with some experience here. I'm looking for a progression guild whom I can start out with. I'd love go get into a core 10man. I can Hold my own and follow strats. Let me know if interested.
what are you guys looking for? classes and specs what kind of loot rules does your guild have? what is your current progress?
Honestly we are looking for everything. Our current progression for DS is 0/8 as we are rebuilding. if your interested let myself or deadlydesire know. pst us ingame for more info.

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