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Oceanic Guild Recruitment
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In Another Castle is a 10man raiding guild operating on New Zealand friendly raid times. We managed to clear all heroic content while it was current throughout the Cata expansion, however due to real life issues have struggled to keep a group of like minded individuals full enough to progress further than 6/6H and 3/6H this tier. We did manage to clear all content on normal the week it was released with no ptr/beta raiding experience however. This shows the level of raiding you can expect. High turn over of players sapped our raids gear level and knowledge of the fights, stalling our progress thought heroics.

We raid Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday, and Monday from 6.00-9.00ST (8.00-11.00NZT) during progression.

We are Currently Recruiting any ranged DPS, with a preference for Mages.

Whisper one of our officers in game; Grizzlebaer, Cheyu or Myself. Or take a look at our website (http://anothercastle.chron.ws/) to find out more about us and what we are looking for, and post an application.
Bump for 8/8
Bump for Tanks going into MoP
Bump For all tanks going into MoP
What happened to Eroka? Did you kick him?

edit: hope so :>
What happened to Eroka? Did you kick him?

edit: hope so :>

He recently joined One. Tell me in-game why you don't like him? :O
So much eroka hate needs more <3
Yeah Zarriea. Quit being so hateful.
Bump for those saucy tanks
Bump for tanks going into MoP
bump for tanks
Bump for eroka the train-conductor

Bump also for tanks who don't wish to ride the Eroka express of training....

Bump for fashionable tanks to raid with kayne

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