IAC - NZ/East coast Aus times LFM 5.2

Oceanic Guild Recruitment
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Bump for ranged DPS for 5.2!
Just a mage. Bring out your mage!
Bump - Looking for strong RDPS to fill out the team before we move into heroics.

Check us out at: http://anothercastle.chron.ws/
12/12 - Moving into Heroics this week. Still interested to pick up a strong RDPS!

NZ raid times - 6pm - 9pm Server. Wed/Thurs/Sun/Mon
Looking for a strong RDPS to join us - Looking to progress on Heroic Jin'rohk, Horridon, Tortos and Ji-Kun!
1/13H Tonight - Still looking for a strong RDPS to join us!
Bump for a great rdps <3

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