IAC - NZ/East coast Aus times LFM 5.2

Oceanic Guild Recruitment
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Them Tanks who do not train like that erokaii fellow
le bumpo
be bump
More Tank Ap's Plox and any remarkable dps!
I can tank and I look good doing it :)

looking for a new home if you're still looking. I'll drop in on a lvl1 toon this afternoon when more people are on and try and say hello.

ap posted. look forward to hearing from you. :)
Bump for peeps that want to raid nz times!
bump for all classes
stop bumping things before me you chubby cheese sadface
Saucy like Carrieds jokes.... mmmmmm
Recruiting; Warlocks, Mages, and all other sexy caster thingies for both Current content and MoP!

Still looking for Another tank aswell!
bump for cloth dps going into MoP
Sup guys, very interested in making the move over if it means getting to see some heroics other than morch

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