IAC - NZ/East coast Aus times LFM 5.2

Oceanic Guild Recruitment
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Bump for all them cloth types!
Bump for spriests, locks and other geared cloth types!
Valdin getting that embellishment sauce
Bump for ranged dps
Bump for locks / spriest thingies and early kiwi raid times!
up we go
Bump warlock/spriest/ele sham
you guys in need of hunters at all? able to attend 100% of raids. have 8/8 norm, 2/8 hm experience, quick learner and willing to put time into researching encounters.
If you wish to apply go to our website and fill out an application.
Updated requirements, not actively looking for people for now, but would still strongly consider a solid Warlock.
bump cause i have a hat
bump for the elusive solitary warlock of the azerothian plains
Bump for a sexy warlock
Bump warlock come to thee

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