Heroic Strike or Slam for Arms

Hello guys.

Quick question, which one is better to dump rage?

So far i like slam, seems to pull up higher numbers then heroic strike.

Here is my rotation; Charge -> Rent -> Berserk stance -> MS -> CS -> Slam, then you smash MS when ever CD is up and CS following by slam in between CDs, seems to be working for me, or i'm doing something wrong?

New to arms, use to be fury all way.
I'd have to switch back to Battle stance every time it pops, even with macro for it, it seems like i do not get significant dps boost, mostly it mess up my rotation.
You are a little confused. CS > MS > OP > SLAM is the priority. Slam is not a rage dump, its a filler when OP, MS and CS are on CD. Most importantly you don't clip the next MS with a slam. HS is a rage dump and should only be used in conjunction with other abilities since its off the GCD, rage permitting. Leaving out OP is a huge loss, if your ms is not high enough to dance effectively, don't dance, but keep the CS > MS > OP > SLAM with HS as your rage dump.

Thank you, i'll have to get more practice with dancing i guess.
If your not so good with the dancing it is better to stay in battle stance and use OP than it is to be in beserker and get that extra 5%.

Berserker stance is 5% extra damage, Overpower is usually 18-20% of your total damage.
HS with the 2pT13 bonus procced seems to even out the number a bit though I've found you can just use Slam and HS basically on cooldown anyways. Rage isn't even sort of issue in DS. Thank you massive unavoidable raid damage.

Thank you, i'll have to get more practice with dancing i guess.

You can just get an addon that tells you when overpower procs.

Also, read the sticky at the top of the page for arms PVE DPS.
02/27/2012 07:59 AMPosted by Zverushka
Here is my rotation; Charge -> Rent ->

Started laughing here.
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I just stay in battle stance when i dps
I have many fights where overpower is my leading source of damage. I still haven't broken the old arms habit of always choosing it on procs (it used to be on a quicker cd than other abilities and thus you could squeeze in more attacks, for those who weren't around back then). Yes, I may be doing it wrong - but the point is you can't leave it out. No matter what.

Regarding stance dancing, with my computer/connection I can't do it "as prescribed" for maximum output, so I use battle stance until the execute phase when I switch over (macrod to execute as a matter of fact).
whats the dps diff from stance dancing vs not stance dancing?
whats the dps diff from stance dancing vs not stance dancing?
Berserker stance is 5% bonus damage. The only moves you use in battle stance are overpower and shattering throw. If overpower is 18-20% of your damage like someone said earlier then the remaining 80% will be increased by zerker stance.

Press Windows -> "R". Type calc and click run. Enter your average dps, multiply by ".8" and then by ".05". Bonus points if you can do that in one operation. The result is how much dps you're supposed to gain.


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