[H] 386 Resto Druid LF raiding guild!

Good evening all,

I am interested in finding a new raiding home. The guild I'm currently in is not progressing in content and their raid schedule doesn't quite fit my availability so I'm looking elsewhere.

Just looking for a guild to raid with and run other stuff with on off-nights. Doesn't matter if it's 10 or 25 man.

Every night from 10pm til whenever EST. I guess you could sort of say I'm looking for a late-night raiding guild.

Experience in Cata:
Overall experience with my toons, I experienced all normal modes of each encounter, with the exception of Dragon Soul. During Bastion, I was able to go 2/4 heroic. BWD, went 4/6 heroic. To4W, went 1/2 heroic. During Firelands, I went 3/8 heroic. And now during Dragon Soul, the guild I'm currently in has never really progressed. Have done LFR many times, but obviously it's not the nearly the same as normal modes or heroic modes. The guild I was in during the start of Cataclysm fell apart right around the time Firelands came around. This druid is my current main but back then, I was tanking on a Blood DK and Frost offspec.

What you'll get from me:
I don't enjoy wasting people's time and vice versa. You'll find a dedicated raider here who wants to experience all possible raid content with a group of people with the same desire. I'll take criticism, we all make mistakes here and there and am up for suggestions. I'm not a loot !@#$% and don't care at all if I don't win an item. I enjoy doing things on off nights. I have not done much on the PvP side but am exploring more interest in it.

As for my professions, I have maximized LW and will start leveling Enchanting shortly for my secondary spec. I am willing to put a rush on leveling Enchanting for the perks.

If any guilds have interest, please respond. Have a good evening.


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