Ret Pally vs Holy Pally for arena.

Im curently a ret pally trying to get a team together for 3's and was wondering would it be worth spending another 2 weeks farming a full holy spec or should i stick to ret and keep looking for 3's partners. (Yes im on a crapy server, but I will be server changing to Tichondrius)
Holy and Ret have about equal representation in Arena right now.

Holy will get much more action in RBGs though.
Holy gets more action in RBGs but Rets are more viable in arena with triple dps stomping on everything. It's easier as a ret pally in arena than it is as a holy pally right now.
Depends on what comp you want to play and what you want to do.

Ret has been nerfed a lot but is still kicking.

Holy is a good healing class with a high demand for it, can't go wrong with it either.

If you're good at either class you won't have trouble finding a team to try out, but a holy pally has a lot more opportunity to run a lot of different comps.

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