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Oceanic Guild Recruitment
Hi Guys,

Sponsored By Centerlink is a level 25 guild that is now looking for more talanted players to join it's 10man team.

Team Background
Sadly, we have recently lost some core members of our team, this has made serarching for pugs not only frustrating, but leading to screaming, hair pulling and a few tears.

Currently we are 7/7 FL and 6/8 DS

We are now looking for the following;
1 - Tank - With DPS Off-Spec
2 - Ranged DPS - Pref Hunter
3 - Heals - 1x Tank Heals and 1x Raid heals
4 - Melee DPS

Raid Times

Its pretty simple at the moment;

Wed - 830-1100
Thurs - 830-1100

We will pick up Mondays if the team gets all back together and looking for a bit more progression.

What We Offer
We supply, for our raid members;

What We Expect
We expect our members to be knowledgeable about the fights, geared, and willing to learn. Its not tough.

Drop us a post here if your interested, or message me in game :)

We expect 100% attendance
What a great guild!

Bumpety Bump

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