Which class has the coolest looking gear?

Talking strictly pvp season gear.

I find that warriors and rogues always seem to have the coolest gear. They -never- have to wear skirts, which is a definite plus!

Last season paladins looked awful. That all white/all orange looked like garbage.

Druids would be ok if they didn't always have a friggen robe. Even though you rarely see it, I'm not into wearing dresses..especially as a melee. I wish the agility druid gear would be more like rogue gear.. :(

Hate the DK armor. The starting zone gear is usually transmogged (hate it), then people like transmogging the brutal level 70 gear (hate that too), and their current season gear looks like crap too.

Mages usually have some neat gear as far as cloth goes. Priests usually suck.

Also, female humans make most of the gear look bad. Male night elf rogues look 10x as badass as female humans. If you are going to go female at least make it a night elf :D
The elite pvp gear for paladins looks good this year, without a tabard.
I've always loved hunter stuff, pretty much every tier pvp and pve... I just don't like hunters.

As far as pvp gear strictly this season, I'd have to go with hunter or warrior.
Right now I think Rogues and Paladins have the best looking gear. The others suck or are just decent.
Are you kidding me? You didn't like last season's DK gear?
Druids gear is generally awsome shoulders and color comboniations with a stupid head
dks look like autobots, if that helps
you can do some pretty good !@#$ with this gear I think
as far as pvp gear strictly this season, I'd have to go with hunter or warrior.

not sure if trolling or just has a bad taste
I like some warrior gear, the one i'm wearing is just down right horrid but I'm pretty satisfied on what blizz is using for the first season of MoP

[Looks at avatar]

Definitely one of the better warlock helms in my opinion. Would you agree?

Paladins have also had some nice looking sets.
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