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In a good time, you are right. We are just comming out of the worst recession since the 1930s. Entertainment comes after paying the bills and putting food on the table. Most people are stretching everything as far as they can, including the toys they have now.
Obviusly they are talking about the call center being sent over every other company in the US....

I'd almost rather have an online help bot assist me... (contact the us dept of defense, they're not using theirs)

However, If the staff to be cut is not part of the call center, PLEASE offer them if they would like to participate in the cross training team and teach them what you want them to do!

Too Many people are going without work nowadays.....

Makes me want to assemble my own city and tell Uncle Sam to survive without my (our) money...
As they do us.....
Seriously? Are you that ignorant because if a project was started in 2000, redone after five years in 2005 and will be released in 2012, no matter how you look at the math Diablo 3 has been worked on for 11+ years by Blizzard. Take you pathetic logic and ignorance else where.
02/29/2012 09:35 AMPosted by Strifelol
Uh oh.

uh oh
Release a new system when the Customer Support forums have had a few moderators affected by the layoffs... when really, the forums ARE your public face.

Do not like.
Thanks for firing all those GM's. Whenever I think "Man, I really miss Burning Crusade. It was such a great time." I always miss the week long ticket times the most! Thanks for bringing the game closer to it's roots, Mike!
Geez this thing is still going?

Economics 101 comprehension fail, try reading back a few posts folks.

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