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So it's come to this. Diminished product quality in lieu of raising the price tag since they've hit a cap and have started receding on subscription growth. I can't wait for more rehashed content, dropped raids, longer ticket support times with no issue resolution since each GM will undoubtedly be backlogged and only able to dedicate even fewer minutes to completing a ticket. Why isn't the $15/month price tag being slashed as severely as the back-end of this game? We're paying the same for less.

Did you read the actual press release or are you just making assumptions from the blue post alone? :)

You may be correct about the customer service, though I don't think it will be in game customer service that will suffer so much, probably just more automated phone and web help or longer waits.
Hate to see anyone lose their job in this economy. Good luck to all in finding new jobs ASAP.
Best of luck to those who are impacted by this.

Mike, you run one of the best companies ever, and I'm sure everyone who had the honor to work for you, does not feel any resentment.

Rock on


Also, lots of angry, bitter peeps in this here thread.
After running Dragon Soul so many times I have to ask, were all 600 people cut from the art department?
So much hate.

Good luck to the unlucky few. Depending on the position, there actually are a lot of companies looking for experienced game dev talent. Hopefully they'll find something new (and this might be a good thing since it gives them a chance to find new challenges and horizons to head for).

There are still a lot of employees so here's hoping quality doesn't suffer going forward.

This might be the source for some of those layoffs by the way:
The hate is strong in this thread. It seems like it either needs heavy moderation or to be locked.
'm done here. You are either trolling or just ignorant on how the business world operates. I suggest you read up on how corporations run and on what a command structure is because you obviously don't grasp the conecpt.

I have neither the time nor the desire to unbury your head from the sand.

I accept your surrender ;) (because calling someone a troll just because you disagree with them is a desperate act)

The problem is not every business operates with the same structure...that is what you are not understanding. Vivendi SA had the final say on the organizational structure of Acti/Blizz after they acquired Activision and merged it with their games division.

You know that other person is correct. Bobby Kotick is above Mike Morhaime. Blizzard is an independent division but under the ActiBlizz name. Vivendi SA shareholding and thus influence on Actiblizz while substantial is another issue.
This just in. Blizzard loses another 600 subs.
Firing "mostly" non-development people, and then looking for more developers.

I see.

Out with the bad, in with the good?
02/29/2012 12:36 PMPosted by Destude
This just in. Blizzard loses another 600 subs.

Rofl, Blizz deserved to lose those.
My sympathies to all affected, may you find a new place in the world soon :(

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