Please help our Warlock [ including WOL ]

I'm raid leader for our 10M. Our warlock is really nice guy / want to improve himself and good gear.

He has bad dps imo. He really need to improve. I have no idea how to play warlock. I do not want to kick him at all. He need a BIG help :(

His name is Duraglar His spec is Demo

WOL from last night

Question: did he has prob with rotation? gear? glyph? how he can do dps like 40k+ [he always does dps like 22-24k dps with full 4 set and full of epic gem]
I'll leave the WoL dissecting to the more experienced warlocks, but first thing that came to mind was replace Glyph of Felguard with Glyph of Incinerate.
On my phone and can't copy and paste for some reason ....I didn't look at the logs but only one fight in ds calls for 3/31/7 and that is ultraxion plus as above pOster said get rid of the felguard and use corruption glyph not incin only fight I see felguard being any use is heroic unsleeping I have not done it but that seems to be the only fight will check log later
Looking at Morchok, since that's a much easier fight to judge:

VERY low Doomguard damage. His Doomguard did about as much as the Affliction Lock's, despite being up longer.
Poor uptime on dots:
90% on Immolate with NINE recasts! It should be up 95% of the time and always auto-refreshed. On H Morchok, this should be cast twice. If it's falling off during the black phases, he needs to plan better, cast while moving, and position himself so he can continue casting.
72% on Corruption. That's just bad.
91% on BoD. The Affliction Lock had 97% on this.
28% on Shadowflame. This can't be perfect on Morchok, but could be better.

13 Hand of Gul'dan casts, this could be much higher.

With such a low uptime on Corruption and so many Immolate recasts, the Incinerate spec is certainly going to be a DPS loss over the Shadowbolt spec.
Also, he needs to learn how to pet swap on Yor'sahj. Felguard should only be up for black phases, otherwise it's worth hardcasting a Felhunter just so he can tunnel Yor'sahj (who should almost always have full dots).
Faust is right on the money, but if your lock has that gear but that damage, it's an indication of a much more basic issue.

He needs to have something to track his DoTs and Cooldowns better. You shouldn't really ever have to recast your DoTs, even on Yor'sahj since you can stay close enough to refresh them.

He needs something better than the default UI. Something that shows the exact seconds remaining on his DoTs and refresh them during their last tick. For Corruption, Immolate, Agony, that will be anytime in the last 2 seconds to be safe, and last 15 for Doom. Hand of Guldan should be cast on cooldown, and then you never have to worry about Immolate again. He's also probably not casting his filler enough if he's not tracking DoTs properly. That, or maybe waaaaay too much filler haha.

You can probably find a warlock (maybe your affliction one, since the basic principles are the same) that can help him learn to track his important stuff. I sit at Target Dummies with other warlocks and let them know when they're missed a DoT refresh or cooldown use in real-time so they can get a feel for how it goes.
now to just go tell him you put him on blast on the forums and that there is some good info here for him.
Thank you all for your comments. In response to the glyphs, that WoL was from a night where we did heroic Yor the majority of the raid so that's why the felguard glyph was up. normally I keep incinerate on there. I just switched to demo for the first time a couple weeks ago from destro so those massive immolate recasts are more of a bad habit i'm trying to break.
I've had the most experience so far with incinerate spec but I will research shadow bolt spec too as this seems to have a better output.

I've seen some suggestions to not pet twist until the second soulburn as an initial soulburn should take priority over twisting after felstorm. Someone else mentioned making felhunter on passive until something happens to increase shadow bite damage. Anyone have ideas for that?

Lastly, I am currently looking into dot timers as it appears my uptime's are a lot worse than i had thought. I have a few I will try tonight. I do need to learn to manage my time better and anticipate periods of time I will be off of the main boss dps'ing an add. A lot of that downtime comes from not planning ahead and when I get back to the boss, all my dots are gone.

Thank you all again for your suggestions. My gear is good as are my gems and reforges and my rotation is mostly sound. Just got to focus more on those dots.

Very lastly, why is doom guard so low? How can I make a major improvement on that?
track power torrent/lightweave/potion/etc any int procs and pop doomguard when 2-3 are up, or on most fights you can just blow it after 10 secs of the fight to ensure it has all the procs snapshotted.
There's one important thing for you to consider: you're not getting the 5% spell haste buff. If you're going for any specific thresholds, you'll need higher rating than is listed in guides, as those assume you have the 5% spell haste buff.

I also noticed something unusual with your doomguard: on Morchok he only cast 19 doom bolts, despite being up for 77.3 seconds. This means he was spending at least 15 seconds not casting. Remember that he'll attack the target you last put BoA or BoD on, so don't summon him until you have one on a target.

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