Sewer Spar! ((RP Dueling event))

Wyrmrest Accord
The streets of Orgrimmar are bustling and busy. People chatter endlessly with one another, trading, discussing political matters, or involving themselves in casual conversation. A tauren pushes herself past all the people over to the auction house. Glancing about for a moment, she pins a poster off to the side of the entry way before rushing off again. The poster reads:

ATTENTION: Members of the Horde! Do you wish to prove your strength? Prove your courage and skill? Manifest Eminence and the Defiance will be hosting an event within the Dalaran sewers in which loyal members of the Horde may battle each other to do so, as well as win prizes! All Horde races are welcome.

Victory or death, brothers and sisters! I wish you the best of luck.

((As stated above, Manifest and Eminence and the Defiance will be hosting an RP/PVP event, the first Thursday of every month at 4 PM server time, in the Dalaran sewers. Anyone and everyone is invited to come in and watch, or even join in on the battle! We're trying to make it so that people of all levels can get involved, and not just 85s. Here's how it's going to work:

If you're not yet 85, OR you're severely under geared PVP wise, you have the option of not doing an actual duel. You will pair up with somebody else who can not/does not want to do an actual duel, and do roll duels. If you are 85 and you want to, you can do actual duels with your opponent. If there is a shortage of one side or the other, myself or somebody else will volunteer to fight.

And yes, there will be prizes! For first, second and third place for both roll duels, and actual duels. However, as this will be the first time for this event, we might not have the most amazing of prizes. But, if this turns out well, then we will have even better prizes next time!

And that's all! Hope to see everyone there! And remember, if you have no mode of transportation, I or somebody else can summon.))
(( This looks quite interesting. I'll try to be there! ))
Sharkos walks to the poster while casually strolling around Orgrimmar out of boredom.

((AWWWW YEAH SHAY. And hope to see you there, Jadoth. :) ))
((Oh, and I know I said this was for Horde, but if Alliance wants to come in and watch Hordies beat each other up, go for it. :D

And I just now noticed I made a typo. *hangs head in shame*))
((looking forward to this in an hour! ))
Hmm that double KO.

And this

I would also like to apologize for any rage my bar set up may induce.
((Huge thanks to everyone that showed up, and congrats to everyone who won! <3 Hope to see you all at next month's event. :) ))
((And once again, it's time for the Sewer Spar! This Thursday at 4 PM server time in the Dalaran Sewers. Be there to watch or take part and get the chance to win prizes! We hope this month's event is just as successful, if not more so than last month's. Hope to see everyone there!))
"Earth and Feces, you'll find plenty of both down there."
"You can't threaten a messenger, nobody threatens a messenger! Not even a king! This is madness! HOW DID WE EVEN GET INTO THIS SEWER!?"

Slow pause...

((Bump. :D))
((So, does one have to sign up to fight, or just show up...?))
((Just show up. :) ))
Thanks to everyone who attended! Hope to see everyone again next month, as well as some new people. :) ))
I had a blast! I am glad I went!
Hmm that double KO.

And this

I would also like to apologize for any rage my bar set up may induce.


I'll show up.

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