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Nearly all Conquests battles go the same for me.

There are 5 capture points in Isle of Conquest: Docks, Hangar, Workshop, Refinery, Mines. This battleground is a "Control the Important Stuff and Win"-type battleground. Know the strengths and weaknesses of each capture point.

Typical Game may look like this:
- Alliance rush and wins Docks (West).
- Horde rush and Workshop (Middle).
- A small group fight over Hangar (East).
- Horde take the Refinery (North).
- Alliance take the Mines (South).

Each faction tries to breakdown the opposing faction's gate. There are 3 gates to destroy, but you only need to destroy one (1). You storm into the enemy Stronghold and attempt to defeat the leader. First team to eliminate the enemy leader wins.

Being Horde, I'll discuss Horde tactics.

Refinery and Mines grant the controlling faction a buff which increases our Siege Damage. We want to control both of these capture points so we can break down the gate faster. The sooner we get into the base, the better our chances are of winning this race to kill the enemy leader first. It'd very close much of the time. Controlling the refinery and mines is essential to keep to our best interests. The team who controls both of these points is at a very, very good advantage.

This battleground is very much won in the first 5min. How can you help your team win?

If you're a stealth-based class (Rogues, Feral Druid), you really should pick your battles carefully. We're probably not to to attempt Docks as a team, but we need you there. The Docks offers the controlling faction multiple light-weight vehicles (Glaive-throwers, Catapults). We need you to kill those Glaive-throwers. We need you to kill Glaive-throwers. Those will completely obliterate our gates. For how powerful they are, they're extremely weak (simply not on par to our superior Horde standards). Destroy the glaives, destroy the Alliance.

If you rushed Workshop (middle) and saw little resistance, continue on and head to the Hangar (East). Controlling the Hangar allows us to drop into the enemy base***. We can wipe out their defenses from within. "Slaughtering the Alliance inside, then using the generously-provided Seaforium Bombs on their own gates" is our plan. We have a few people holding down their graveyard so the other Horde personnel can help destroy the gate we've decided to destroy (normally, it's the West Gate). Controlling the Workshop gives us Demolishers, which do a lot of Siege Damage. We will have Demolishers attack the same gate to help hasten this effort.

*** To get aboard the Horde gunship, simply find our teleporter platform and click it furiously.

Once the gate is down...

Destroying the gate first does not mean this battle is over. The puny Alliance cries and mash their 1 and 2 buttons harder to try and catch up to the mighty Horde War Machine.

Our plan is simple, yet strangely executed slowly. We will claim their stronghold for ourselves. We will then proceed to slaughter these four (4) pesky guards. After that, we'll rush into the keep and wait at the door. Our small army will gain numbers quickly. Someone will say "Who is tanking?" Everyone is thinking the same thing ("Go...SOMEONE GO"), and waiting on the same queue (someone to go). It's only stressful when the Alliance have our gate down as well. It is a race, after all.

Any plate-user or Feral Druid:
-- This is where you come in. You just rush right on in and get this show started. Don't worry about death. You'll be just fine. Once we get going, there's no stopping. We might face some resistance, but you're not going to notice those pests. We want to keep the leader in his room. The leader hates leaving his room. Doing so causes deep and painful memories to surface from the subconscious, meaning he's going to go into a rage and tear us apart. So please, keep him in his room.

Focusing more on fun, than winning:
If you're Horde and a huge amount of players are going Docks, you should follow them. If you've never seen true 40v40 combat, this is easily the most fun you'll ever have.

This battleground is particularly good for undergeared players. Since there's very little PvP (compared to almost every other battleground), you will not find yourself dying as much (given you don't try and solo a group of 20 players.)
15 minute debuff > Playing in IOC
I have been working on the Isle of conquest achieve and just need 40ish more wins and i am done.....

Pretty much every game i see the same basic strategies from both sides , Alliance zerg straight to docks with a few going hangar they get glaives protect them and then win . The horde on the other hand zerg straight to workshop with a few going to hangar we then get vehicles and start smashing the gate but by this time our wall is already down due to glaives . Capping hangar is usually 50/50 or maybe more in favor of horde.

The one massive thing that i see every game that usually signals a loss is that after capping workshop usually most of the horde team will just stand around outside the alliance keep killing any stragglers that pop out of the alliance keep . This is a huge waste of players you only need a few people to protect the siege vehicles the rest of the team should be running bombs , killing glaives or defending the horde keep from any alliance that have droped inside.

The Alliance do the same they all zerg docks then stand around outside the horde keep but this is actually useful because that way the glaives are really well protected and they well smash down the wall in no time.
03/01/2012 05:50 PMPosted by Daxxarri
Isle of Conquest - Which strategies are most effective in Isle of Conquest for your faction? Which locations are most important? What tips, tricks and tactics have you discovered? What common mistakes have you witnessed?

Go for Hangar and Docks. Workshop is another option.

Also, don't focus on killing horde or alliance.
1. The Workshop is better for the Horde than the Alliance. There is a blind spot on the Alliance base's west side where its wall cannons cannot hit the demolishers as they ram the gate. Meanwhile, Horde cannons can hit demos that are up against its west wall, meaning Alliance-piloted demos must choose between taking damage, or only using the ranged attack while hugging the wall to avoid damage. This is why the Horde almost always send their largest initial wave to the Workshop.

2. If your part of the force that successfully captured the Docks, your job is to defend the Glaive Throwers. Due to the long respawn time, the Docks themselves have very little strategic value after the Glaives Throwers spawn. Stun/Fear & zerg any enemies that approach.

3. If you are piloting a Glaive Thrower from the Docks, you should never be in range of the wall guns. Pitch the vehicle's aim up from the default, and you'll have enough distance to out-range them.

4. It's actually to your disadvantage to grab Docks, Hangar, and Workshop all at once in the opening minute. Every opponent you kill simply respawns in their base, creating a large group of defenders that will make Hangar/Catapult drops ineffective, and then swarm the vehicles.
03/01/2012 06:31 PMPosted by Hecatomb
Ironic considering it's a Battleground, no?

You can kill them, but don't focus on them.
Honestly, docks is too powerful. Glaives let you attack from a great distance and you can catapult people in so easily. No other base gives you such a powerful combination. Control docks and you have a much better chance to win.
People complain about the lack of PVP in this BG but if you are defending( i know what a hilarious idea ) you will find more than your fill of killing.

Usually i will SS myself wait around for the glaives dot them up when they spawn usually get zerged in a few seconds but i pop my SS and can usually take down at least 1 glaive myself. After this i will fall back to the keep usually there will be a few alliance running bombs inside usually too many for me to kill because there are no other horde there so i have to be crafty i will pop a portal up on top of one of the gates wait for an alliance to go drop a bomb jump down disarm it and port back up the wall.All the while i will be dotting a fearing like mad just generally being massive annoyance
From my experience on the horde there are three steps that need to be taken in order to win:

1. Secure the Workshop
2. Stealth characters MUST destroy the glaives
3. After the alliance captures the Hangar a group of 5 horde is sent in to counter capture Hangar once the alliance have all boarded their airship

Steps one and two must be executed in order to win, step three is important if you desire a flawless victory.

Edit: For the alliance it is:

1. Secure docks
2. Protect glaives
3. Counter workshop

Since the alliance have a faster approach to the docks they will always get it first. The glaives do ALOT of damage, im pretty sure more than bomb running + demolishers, so as before steps 1 and 2 are recquired for victory, step 3 is for a flawless victory
I truly do hate IoC, but the best way to win is to get hanger and docks, or workshop if you're horde since horde seems to get that the most, defend the vehicles and with the hanger parachute in and run bombs from inside, make sure you're attacking the right gate, had people running bombs on the wrong gate before. Make sure to destroy the opposing teams vehicles, pretty much defense, keep them from running bombs/attacking gates with vehicles then when the enemy teams gates are down kill boss and rinse and repeat.
This thread makes me lol: 75% qq, 25% actual talk of the BG.

That said, I hate it too. Not sure how it could be fixed, maybe remove the vehicles and let people DPS down the walls themselves?
03/01/2012 06:43 PMPosted by Hecatomb
is that if you're killed inside your Keep and outnumbered, you will get corpse camped for the entire remainder of the game

Yea its pretty damn lame when this happens usually i won't even bother rezing.

I have often thought that it would be cool if you could talk to the spirit healer to get ported to another gy if your faction controls one like you could do in wintergrasp. However the ability to move around the map that fast would probably be OP
Its worse pre 85, you cant win by killing the enemy champion so the fastest option of einning is by corpse camping with the siege engine. In fact alot of people get wrecking ball through this method.
set your classes that can stealth to ambush the Glaives, take and hold Hangar and the Workshop (and defend them). After that it's just a matter of defending your vehicles and making sure to keep enemy keep defense suppressed. This is how I have had the most success winning IoC.
Every time I've entered Isle of Conquest, the strategy is always the same:

1) Take docks
2) Protect glaives
3) Break down west Horde gate
4) Kill boss
5) Win

Every single time. It's like Alliance is designed to win if that strategy is followed step by step.

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