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Seriously i love IoC, SotA is meh but better than Battle of Gilneas. I'm not like OMG I CAN WAIT 15 MIN TO REQUE! But i don't have tips since it's never in my Randoms. =(
I enjoy all BGs except for BoG is okay
But EotS is VERY aggravating for me. Its a little boring and people DO NOT UNDERSTAND 3 TOWERS>FLAG
Can someone please though give me a Horde side detailed description for IoC i love it but it never gets qued in randoms. All i really do is have 2 minutes of fun fights at Workshop then i got for Hanger get in the ship bomb and jump in.
The only good BGs are the original three IMO.
/leave bg
I just submitted a ticket regarding this BG. This is what it said:

"Just finished Isle of Conquest. Alliance didn't attempt to capture a single node. They camped in their Keep, allowing us to enter & capture the GY there. They then wiped Horde as we entered boss's room. As we rezzed, they rushed the Keep GY, camped it, and killed all of us the moment we rezzed. In short, despite the fact that we held every node, they burned through our 300 resources in minutes. We would rez and be immediately killed.

This BG is now unplayable. Take it offline and fix it."

I didn't mention the fact that we eventually stopped rezzing in the Keep and ran to the WS GY to rez. But at that point we were so spread out that they picked us off easily by stacking, AOE healing, and killing us. I think the final resource count was 279 to 0.

Because of the design of the BG, turtling cannot lose, even if the attacking team holds every node. Which renders the map pointless.

This BG's design is an embarrassment.
/AFK until you get WSG or AB. That's my strategy.
One fix would be to make the vehicles not do any damage to players, or severely diminish its damage to players. Instead of turrets, give the siege a few platforms to attack from. Make it only a moving battering ram. Same for Glaives.
This is what happens. Alliance takes the docks, Horde take hangar and WS.
  • Grab bombs
  • Leave defenders in base to slow down bomb running
  • protect vehicles
  • Insure all are attacking the same gate (sigh)
  • Oh and if you laugh at the opposing team enough they will get upset and chase you down and not go for the objective. It's ridiculously easy sometimes.
    For horde, make sure people kill glaives asap because a single glaive up can cost you the bg. Get hangar and make sure that all 6 turret spots get taken, turrets deal way more damage than bomb running to the gate plus if you aim at the base of the gate you can destroy anyone who attempts to disarm the bombs. Once in you don't need a true tank if you have a couple of healers, just someone to focus the boss on so the rest of the dps can burn.
    we just was in a game where that happened . Alliance controlled very node, walls down. glaives defended then horde just stacks in bosses room and reaps us. Nothing we can do.
    Going to go with the /afk option and take the 15 minute timer. This BG eats !@#.
    Worst BG by far.
    Isle is a great place to farm honor. The best thing you can do is go on offense and work toward knocking down the opposing team's wall. Playing defense/more specifially turtling is frowned upon because it slows games down.

    Be alliance.
    Everyone knows some battles the Alliance mostly wins and some the horde mostly wins this is an Alliance mostly wins battle.

    The alliance usually wins battles that are more like a PVE raid where you need to down a boss to win. The horde usually wins the battles that allows them to turtle. The horde loves to turtle it's just how they think. The alliance has way more players that think with a PVE mindset so they tend to win those type battles. For this battle the Alliance instinctively realizes the overall picture of the battle scene objectives to take like the Docks, hangers etc and to give grief at the Workshop cause the horde will always turtle straight to it ( it is why they generally lose.)

    Every once in a while a good group of horde will destroy the glaves take the hangers and only feint at the workshop to keep the alliance from taking it and defend their keep. Those battles they have a good chance to win.

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