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27... of the first 50 posters recommend leaving this bg or say they hate it....... very telling i think
Unless I'm playing an undergeared alt I just want honor for, I always afk out of IoC, it just isn't worth the pain. That said, I just leveled up a rogue and have been playing this one a lot lately due to the complete lack of pvp.

I'm amazed at the number of people still advocating docks. Glaives are incredibly weak. A single rogue can pop immunities and kill both, even with plenty of defenders. Even with disarms/stuns, etc, it is nearly impossible to defend glaives, and if they are really smart and got bleeds/dots up on them, they are going down, nothing you can do about it. Horde generally has 5-6 stealthers who kill glaives and lol as we lose though, it is never just a single rogue killing them.

The best way to win IOC is workshop, plain and simple. Defend the demolishers, demo drivers need to LOS the turrets and its an easy win. If you get refinery/quarry along with WS its a faster win. Alliance does not do this however, because they are deathly afraid of PVP. The one time I actually talked the entire team into going WS we won in 3 minutes. Every other time though is docks, watch glaives die, turtle until siege engine pops and then horde camps the graveyard and laughs as they burn through alliance.

It has become the norm for one team to go docks, and one team to go workshop. Nodes aren't even really contested anymore. Sometimes there is a bit of fighting at hangar, nothing epic though.
I generally assume the alliance will not hold what they take, so take hangars or dock, get a force inside, then defend, defend, defend. Horde can't defend 3 bases+their base+protect vehicles plus use the airship without spreading themselves thin and they can't protect the vehicles if people attack then in force. No vehicles and no force inside the base it takes a long time to attack.
I usually just sit in the turrets at my base until I get chased out of them, and then mess around until we lose. I have lost all hope of any type of coordination in my teams in this.
Everyone says go docks but to be honest, the glaives don't have enough HP to be defended they simply die to fast with the gear we have.
Map favors Ally. How? When ally takes the docks the glaves have an easy access to shoot from distance at the west gate, Horde on the other hand has no convenience, Horde glaves can't shoot at the west gate of the Ally keep from away as there are rocks blocking the path. So for Horde the glaves are only good for jumping over the walls but not for shooting at the gate.

So now with this we are going into pretty much the same situation AV is - in order for the Horde to win to have a better chance to win, they have to prolong the BG by preventing Ally from taking the docks.
Nearly 100k hks, battlemaster, justicar, etc.

Love battlegrounds, hate IoC.

As for something constructive: kill or protect glaives, run bombs, pew pew boss.
some thoughts:

overwhelming amount of Horde ride to Workshop, leaving this area as a makeshift alliance gy in most battles, although there have been rare occurrences of pitched rumbles.

if a sizable alliance group can gain control of the hangar at the start, while Horde is securing the workshop, then they can begin to bomb the west gate, clear out Horde defenders/stragglers while the main alliance force secures control of the Docks.

Once their tanks are attacking the Alliance base, the Horde will then have a chance to gain control of either docks or hangar. The choice is dependent on the flow of the battle. Good bet, that the Alliance paratroops are inside Horde base leaving the Hangar abandoned. Also good chance that Alliance maintains a strong presence at Docks until the inner base breach, since Horde strike teams can quickly bring down the glaives and catapults.

Turret duty is a good Defense strat and something to do for stragglers, afkers and achievement seekers.

As a 40 player zone, it is a good place for new or infrequent PvPers to get lost in the mayhem for awhile.
a few finer points:

  • Glaives can be incredibly powerful - if the enemy ignores them.
  • A couple rogues or feral druids can destroy your glaives easily, and it is incredibly hard to prevent that.
  • Alliance will rarely, if ever, concentrate their forces on seige workshop right out of the gate; they will most assuredly zerg the docks first.
  • 10 people inside the enemy wall can wreak havoc by placing bombs. Any more than that becomes wasted manpower because you can't place bombs any faster than they appear.
  • siege engines are able to attack the wall while being juuust out of range of cannon fire.
  • In the 80-84 bracket, games are rarely won by killing the opposing general. Generals are just not tuned for people leveling up. Games are won by controlling the vehicles and mowing down (1-2 shot) the players until they run out of reinforcements.
  • I dont know why but last night out of 7 'random' queues, I got this BG 5 times and AV twice. Maybe its because i have a decent raid set that Blizzard assumes I want to pve while I pvp, Im not entirely sure. That said, one effective strategy for this BG is to wear your pve gear because you never actually fight players anyways. As other posters have said, and this seems to differ based on battlegroups, the horde will almost always go to one base, the allies to a different one, a few bold stragglers will get ganked for deviating from the the established norm, the rest will stand in vehicles, perform actions which lack class/race/utility relevance, beat up a wall, and fight a raid boss reminiscent of Patchwerk, our old friend from Naxxramas. So essentially do this: Go with the flow, follow the herd, get full rebuffs up, prepot, pull the boss, dps your heart out, get rewarded with honor (for some reason), queue again and hope you get a real BG. I'm sorry blizzard, but I really cant think of anything constructive to say about this BG. It simply doesn't make sense. Same with AV.
    In the old days, people were encouraged to fight other players in Alterac Valley to summon giant treants to smash in the field of strife. Now people ignore player to player combat in favor of just getting it over with faster (via zerging). When victory is determined by meeting one of two conditions: Killing a tank n spank boss (which is easier mechanically then the first boss of Ragefire Chasm) or collectively getting 500 kills on the opponents, its easier and faster just to go straight for the pve boss.
    As others have said in the past, there needs to be two Call to Arms every weekend. One which rotates ioc/strand/AV and another which rotates the rest, that way those interested in PVP can PVP and those interested in pve and/or performing actions that ignore player specific personality and functionality have an outlet to do so as well.
    The best advice of all (as stated by others) Type /afk as soon as you the IoC loadscreen finishes. Wait out the 15 minutes. Hope your 'random' queue is better.
    Strategy? The hardest part of this bg is staying awake. i recommend 10 hour energy. it might get you through.
    Leaving is a good idea, this BG is an absolute borefest.

    But if you somehow find this BG fun, Workshop + Hangar is the way. Glaives are very easily negated by just 1-2 rogues or ferals, given the insane burst they are capable of.

    Demos are far more resilient to damage and if one or two go down, atleast you can quickly have more on the way. Not to mention Siege Engine is nuts.
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    15 minute debuff > Playing in IOC

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