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Be constructive. The purpose of this thread is to share effective tactics and strategies; to adapt, overcome and become a better player based on current conditions. Claiming that a class, comp or strategy is overpowered isn’t conducive to learning better play and tends to just derail the discussion.

Constructive: A much better use of your time if you want to PvP is to /afk out and play a real battle ground on an alt.
Isle of Conquest, if done right, can be an easy win for either Alliance or Horde. Messy, long drawn out battles like AV resource battles are very rare, which is one reason why I don't mind this BG. That being said, nothing can be won without a solid strategy followed by at least a majority of the team.

Keep in mind that this is more of a Player vs. Player vs. Environment. If you think one dimensionally you won't make it very far. Making sure that your team has the most resources at their disposal will help you to succeed. This includes in the following order of importance:
1) Defending your vehicles and your nodes. IMPORTANT!
2) Defending your base. (Stop the opposing team from placing bombs, disarming them if they manage to set them.)
3) Controlling both the Refinery and the Mine.
4) Small things like mounting up when running bombs between gates and the piles to never hopping in a siege vehicle without also taking a bomb from the Workshop.

If you control the Docks, it is like controlling both the Workshop AND the Hangar. If your team does not control the Docks, you had best control the other two. With docks you get both the ability to launch yourself into the opposing teams base to run bombs, AND the power of siege engines. Here is what should happen, depending on what you control:

You HAVE Docks:
1) DEFEND THE GLAIVES! Though Docks has some amazing power, the vehicles are quite squishy. It only requires a few stealth classes to quickly hammer down the Glaive Throwers. Defend those Glaives with your lives and stay alert! If kept alive the Glaives will destroy the opposing teams wall four times faster than any amount of bomb running. If the Glaives DO go down make sure adequate defense of the Dock node continues while most of the team uses the Catapults to invade the base to run bombs while you wait for the relatively short respawn timer on the Glaives.
2) Control Mine and Refinery, . If done right, you can secure both almost before Glaives even spawn. Have a few people run to both to assure control for the time with the Glaives. If the opposing team puts up a fight at these secondary nodes don't worry too much though, focus on assaulting one of the more important nodes like Hangar or Workshop.
2) Running bombs helps, but the Glaives are FAR more important. Only run bombs if there are enough (~15) people defending the Glaives.
3) Assault the other two main Nodes, Hangar and Workshop. This will hamper the enemy teams progress and help to ensure a victory for your team.

You DON'T have Docks:
1) STEALTHIES KILL GLAIVES!! I CANNOT state that emphatically enough. It should really only take a few stealthed classes to bring them down, no matter how alert the opposing team is. If you aren't stealthed and want to help, that's fine too! Your distraction may prove just what the stealthies need to take those glaives the remaining 40%.
2) Control BOTH Hangar and Workshop. One alone does not have the power to keep up with the Docks in bringing down a gate. Hangar people should take the ship and focus on the first wall in sight. This will mean greatest damage done before the ship cycles around again. After doing as much damage as you can, try to jump into the base and run bombs while others grab the siege vehicles from Workshop.
3) DEFEND your Nodes. With only one Node to worry about Defending, the Docks team is at a resource advantage. If you lose one of your Nodes, even for a minute, you will most likely lose.

All that being said, there is a certain way that this BG usually plays out. Since my main is Horde, here is my favorite strategy:
1) Alliance will take Docks. They almost always zerg Docks with a majority of their team. This can work to your advantage.
2) Split the team up, some to Hangar, some to Workshop. Don't bother with Docks, you will be wasting your time.
3) Stealthies kill Glaives!! My favorite thing to do. Alliance usually guard them while they are moving, but quickly leave to run bombs or assault the other bases. If you wait just a second you may find the time needed to bring them down. It cripples the Alliance and ensures a win.
4) Use the Gunship Turrets to assault the first wall you can hit. When the ship hits about its halfway point, jump off the ship into the base to run bombs. Never forget that the enemy base has turrets too. If there are people attacking demos with the turrets, clear them out. Now, anyone who was playing Defense on the Node can now take the ship to follow suit.
5) Use the Demos to attack the same wall as the gunship. Be quick about killing any Alliance that attack the Demos. If your Demo dies, stay and defend any that are left up.
6) Enter the courtyard, take the base to prevent Alliance spawns, and group up before attacking the General. Collect your Victory.
1. Grab some bombs and get in a catapult when your team captures docks. Catapult up to the tower opposite the wall your team is attacking with glaives/demos.

2. Unequip any melee weapons you have and right click the keep cannons. You'll know you're doing it right when you stay in combat and you see HK:<Rank> all over your screen from combat on the other gate that's far away from you.

3. Alt+Tab Netflix. I recommend Archer personally, but your mileage may vary.


4. Profit.
1. /afk
2. alt
3. get IoC on alt
4. repeat
This information is all from the prospective of a sub rogue, please keep this in mind while reading.

As mentioned briefly in many posts, the vehicles are the key to your victory, both factions can gain access to any of the three, and all three can be effective.


The strongest of the three options offensively, but it is a glass cannon to say the least, one or two rogues who know what they are doing can easily kill the glaive throwers within the duration of a cloak of shadows and a smoke bomb. However, if properly defended, the combination of glaives and bombs from the catapult launched players will guarantee that your team is the first to bring down the gate.

Protect your glaives! This can not be stressed enough, they die very quickly and take quite a while to defend. The glaives are most likely to be attacked by stealthers the instant that they spawn at the docks, and at the point where your team normally sits and launches glaives from. If you are not driving, and able to stun players, sit right next to the glaives and keep your eyes open for anyone that is going to focus on the glaive throwers. Should anyone appear be certain to lock them down completely so that they do not get the chance to attack; stuns, disarms, and silence effects are the most effective at this, things such as cyclone and sheep will only give you a momentary breather, but not effectively stop incoming damage. Protecting the Glaive throwers is more important that launching into the keep, the glaives do much more damage.

This is fairly self explanatory, you are attempting to accomplish the opposite of what was mentioned above. However I will go into specifics on rogue tactics. Killing the glaives in a small group is reasonably easy, however I find that I am often one of the only people with this goal in mind (I recommend asking for others to help out at the start of every bg.)

There are many small hills at the launch points for where the glaives attack the keep from, start by standing atop one of these. They can be difficult to get on top of, which is just what you are looking for, find a favorite for your faction and put it to use.

Since you are going for maximum burst while immune to cc, you want to open dirrectly on the glaive, and preferably where no one will even see you for a second (physically inside of the glaives animation box) Begin with a premeditation that you use for a recuperate, if time allows, use the recup 1 second before premed is coming off cd so that you can premed again. Shadow step onto the glaive and open with Ambush into an immediate Eviscerate. At this point immediately hit smoke bomb to prevent charge and deathgrip, most people will not react to you quickly enough to stop this. Continue to Backstab and evis the glaive, it will likley be dead in about 4 seconds after your opener. The instant it is dead, Vanish and get to the other glaive, prep before you open again and repeat ( I recommended glyphing prep for 2 smoke bombs). If you need more immunity time outside of the smokebomb, be sure to clos before anything bad happens to you. Using this simple strat, 1 rogue can often defend against the docks with little stress.

Edit: I was going to continue on with this strat guide, but I see that people have begun posting useful information. I find the above mentioned strat the most effective use of a rogues time while in IoC, so I will leave it at that.
1). A Little Defense Goes A Long Way

IoC is designed around bottlenecks, both literally and figuratively. This makes it easy for a handful (~5) of defenders to wreak havoc on the other team. Vehicles have a long respawn time, so destroying them is a significant blow. Glaive Throwers in particular are very fragile, and a couple of rogues and/or hunters can break them in seconds. Killing players in your base will send them back outside, where they will need to wait for the next airship pass or catapult to get back in.

Similarly, defending your own vehicles and protecting your infiltrators will help a ton on offensive.

2). Know What To Attack

Listen to the BG chat and understand which gate/node your team is attacking. In general, the Horde goes for the Workshop and Hangar at the start and attacks the EAST gate (to the left when approaching the Alliance keep). Conversely, the Alliance goes for the Docks at the start and attacks the WEST gate (again, left as you're running up to the keep). This is so attacks are coordinated/concentrated and is often necessary for glaive thrower/airship gun deployment.

Also, it's generally unwise to get into a crucial vehicle when you don't know what you're doing or if you've never done the BG before. Be a team player and let more experienced players have them while you're learning the ropes.

3). The Refinery/Quarry Are Underrated

Like AV, most IoC matches turn into parallel races against each other's General - victory going to whichever side reaches and kills the General first from the moment the gate opens. Unlike AV there's a pretty big limiter set in this BG: the gates themselves.

So while reinforcements are largely unnecessary in most battles, the siege damage buff provided by each node (+15% damage each, stackable with both to +30%!) can give your side a huge advantage over the other. Due to their indirect nature they're often undefended, so just one or two people can flip the flag and move on/stay and guard it. Obviously holding both will give you a massive lead. Holding one each will keep things even, and you can mess with the other team by attacking their node - remember, even if you don't keep or fully flip the node you're still denying the enemy their buff for that time. Simply letting the other team hold two nodes is a heavy blunder on your part and will likely end in your defeat.

4). Keep Generals In Their Rooms!

I can't stress this enough.

The Generals get an extremely painful buff when outside of their given rooms. This will cause them to one-shot people and pretty much promptly wipe the group attacking them. I know the room is scary, but get inside! Even if you're a caster or healer! If you get aggro it's better for you to run in and die rather than selfishly wipe the raid because you wanted to get away.

On the flip side, while a somewhat underhanded tactic, fearing or otherwise baiting people out of the room while on defense can be a very viable strategy <.<
Okay as u can see this is a vehicle pvp so lets go over the Vechicles

Glaives:If you own the docks than you have access to Glaives, usually alliance will control docks. They do a lot of damage and but are very Fragile, If your team control docks do what u can to protect it, opposing fractions well send a small attack group to focus on destroying them, so if you are protecting them for the love of god stun deathgrip, knockback that person attacking don't just let them attack it!!

Catapults: Like Glaives Catapults come from the docks, the sole purpose of a Catapults is to launch u over the walls to run bombs to the wall. Not really much a threat to the opposing team and often ignore them

Demos: When u control workshop you gain access to demos and the siege engine. Demos are the opposite of Glaives they hit like kittens but they are very sturdy and take a bit to kill usually opposing teams will used turrets on top of the walls to destroy them so its best to take out those turrets with ur range dps or or risk on having your demos destroyed

Siege Engine: Probably the most badass vehicle in this bg: pretty much the siege engine has the damaging attacks of the Glaive and and the durability of a demo. so if you have control of the workshop get this baby to the opposing team walls if not destroy this baby as fast as u can. Siege engines are created once every 5mins (may be wrong here) so opposing teams will try to capture workshop to interrupt that creation or even used the siege engine in their favor

Skyship: The skyship is a control by those who own hanger. the skyship circles around the the battleground and is equip with cannons and parachutes i personally won't bother with the cannons on the skyship because you only got a few seconds windows to shot at the walls but used the parachute option to enter the opposing teams keep and run bombs to the walls there not really any way to stop the skyship but capturing hanger does cut off the opposing teams access to the skyship

So thats the basic of the the vechicles, as u can see on this thread not a whole lot of people like this bg but its a great opportunity to gear up new 85s for pvp.

I find the beginning of IoC to be the most faction-based battleground (as to which nodes each faction is able to acquire), although that can change throughout the BG. Usually, it's alliance acquiring docks, horde acquiring workshop, and occasionally horde also acquiring hangar (docks are closer to the alliance base, hangar to the horde base). Always wanting the quarry and/or oil refinery (so the vehicles bring gates down quicker).

If you have the docks, the glaives are fast damage dealers to the gates, so you will want to protect them from the opposing faction; while the opposing faction will want to destroy them, because otherwise it leads to a potential faster loss. You'll also want to use the catapults to catapult you into the enemy base.

If you have workshop, you'll want to use the demolishers (better at east gate, if you also have the hangar or west gate if you also have the docks) making sure to position them where it's least likely to be damaged by turrets. You'll want to use the siege engine once it available (as it does fast damage... but, I've found that a gate is normally down if vehicles aren't destroyed by the time is available). You'll also want bomb runners from the workshop to damage the gate (to which the opposing team will want to disarm, but I've found to be less likely to be seen happening).

If you have hangar, you'll want people to "man the gans", and people to fall into the enemy keep to bomb a gate with heavy seaforium bombs. It is easier to fire the guns at the east gate of all the gates available.

Other things typical in IoC I may or may not have mentioned: players taking bases that they didn't start with (example: horde taking docks, alliance workshop/hangar), players destroying glaives (as it's relatively easy to destroy them), players destroying demolishers (which is a bit more work than killing glaives), people on turrets (if the enemy team has demolishers, this is a relative advantage to your team), bombs from the workshop, heavy bombs from inside the enemy keep. Reinforcement battles are 85 are typically rare (usually happens when neither side has a tank and/or healers), although more common in the 80-84 bracket due to scaling.


What I see from these War Colleges is the potential for a pvp info tab like the dungeon journal, through gathering information of what is expected in each battleground.
gonna have to agree that the /afk strat works best for maximizing enjoyment in wow
Find something to do while you wait off your 15 minute deserter debuff.

I hope the devs can see how much the player base hates this battelground...
My strategy for IoC .... /afk
I recommend afking in the turrets as they will not kick you and you sit in them the whole bg without getting flagged.
Without reading what everyone else does, I'm guessing I do what most other people do that like to pvp.

*relog into a different character and re-queue.
I think if 40man bg's were put on a separate random queue, we could talk about strats for Isle of Conq, where people there are there because they want to be there.

As it is, there is only one prevailing way to play, and that is to let Alliance have docks with the thought (hope) that someone is going to take responsibilty to kill the glaives.

There is no way to convince 39 other random people there might be a better and more fun way to play.

The thing that confuses me is, the current prevailing way people play didn't used to be this way. And I don't know how it came about. My best guess is, this is how some large battlegroup used to play and when all the battlegroups merged for random bg's, the strat infected everyone.

i mut state the norms here and now... HK's do not win your BG and so far never will
attack objectives and carry bombs to enemy gates to help blow them open
This is purely anecdotal evidence, but after leveling a DK almost exclusively through PvP, I can say with utter certainty that whichever side takes the docks wins.

Every single game we gave up the docks we lost. Every single game we zerged the docks we won.

Docks -> shuriken launchers protect catapults -> drive catapults to enemy keep -> launch self to top of tower -> the whole raid takes turns getting into catapults and launching up to the tower until the entire raid is inside excluding the shuriken drivers, who disrupt attempts to defend -> kill the turrets -> take the flag inside the keep -> start destroying the gates from the inside with the large bombs -> zerg the boss.

You CANNOT be stopped if you get the raid inside the enemy keep, and catapults will get you all inside in the first 5 minutes. Once you're inside, the enemy faction's only option is to steal docks and go full-blown defense to drive you out, which never succeeds because people fail at coordination. Siege engines and airships together cannot beat a whole raid on the inside using large bombs, the bombs will break the gates MUCH faster. Fortunately for the other team, there's always that one idiot who pulls aggro on the boss and runs out of the room.

If you are that person, know that all other 39 people in that BG hate you now.
Haven't played Isle of Conquest in forever. My strategy back in the day as an OP druid in Wrath? Do laps around the entire map while healing myself and having 10 players from the enemy team chasing me.

I had effectively removed myself from the game, but I took 10 enemy players with me.
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Stealth characters MUST destroy the glaives

This is the whole game in a nutshell. If Horde destroys glaives, Horde wins. If they don't Alliance probably wins.

Alliance must keep about 20 people on defense of the glaives. Protect them with constant AoE to pull rogues and druids out of stealth.
The first thing you want to do when you get to IOC or SOTA is leave.

I have now taken the time to read and categorize the most popular choices in this thread:

53% - Leave the bg
19% - Kill glaives
12% - Rush mid
9% - D the base
7% - Other

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