Best Paladin flying mount?

Mimiron's Head does me pretty good
03/07/2012 02:18 PMPosted by Destron
Heart of the Aspects, if you wanna put 25 down.

I actually got that, it's too big and bulky.
Lots of people don't understand the Paladin theme evidently.

I use the Argent Hippogryph

Also a lovely choice, especially for Horde Paladins that don't have access to the ones I linked earlier.

Yup, that's my mount of choice when in cities. (Out in the field I tend to use Suraku, but that's just because I liked the idea of getting a lifelong companion from the Netherdrake line, not because it's particularly Paladin-y.)
Do the front legs on Tyrael's Charger seem stubby to anyone else or is that just me? i still like it, but i think it should be a little bit taller than a pony...
What ever matches my transmog. I need Alani for this one.
Probably depends on the race like ground mounts. Dwarf/human probably some gryphon, draenei with nether ray, blood elf with dragonhawk, and tauren with wind rider.
Call me silly, but I always thought the Soul of the Aspects mount was very paladin like. Just in dragon form.
I like my pureblood fire hawk...
Grand Armored Gryphon Works for me. Very Alliance and paladin like IMHO.
I always kinda like the Skeletal Drakes.

While not very "palanidy?" they contrast very well if you go with a gold/white/blue theme.

Could also represent you conquering the undead.
Armored Snowy Gryphon

I love this mount. There's just something awesome about flying in to save the day on a white eagle.
I'm wearing Liadrin's Conquest for transmog, and I would like a flying mount that matches. any suggestions?
Mimiron's Head does me pretty good

For ground I use my charger. For flying I use grand armor gryphon. But the charger is by far best pally ground mount. Enjoy.

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