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Hello, I have been playing WoW for a few years now on the server 'Kalecgos'. This server was a Suggested realm when I first started and the server had a nice community and the people where nice, raids every day, and pvp raids. Lately the population has suffered bad, big guilds switched to other servers and lots of people left, The cap of players (weekend and weekly) is less than 200 players on the server, (not counting horde, but they are also very low) No raids can be done, or Rated battlegrounds thus taking away gaming experience. My main plea is to at least give everyone on the server 1 free character transfer and just closing down the server, or to merge it with a higher server.

Personally, I have one 85 character which was my first character I ever made, and I really want to do more with him.

Thank you
Thank you for bring this to my attention. I must have missed it.
02/18/2012 09:24 PMPosted by Sophex
blizzard said they are working on addressing this issue come MoP. I don't know what else you can do though before that.

Where did they say that, exactly?
I'd like to know where Blizz said they were working on it as well. Anetheron is another dying server. 7th lowest pop. I believe.
Blizz has made so many changes that push us toward playing with our friends. Yet they destroy the one part of the game that builds those friendships - guilds. I don't know about y'all but I made a lot of very good friends from around the country because I was part of a guild during BC and Wrath. That experience is almost nonexistent now. With the dungeon finders, raid finder, and so on, we end up playing with a lot of jerks because there is no accountability for your actions. One can't call up a guild leader to discuss a member any more. We have to rely on Blizz customer dis-service.
My guild can't recruit because there is no one left to recruit. Most of the guilds on my realm can't put together raids or bgs because they don't have enough players. Those who are available for recruiting jump from one guild to the next to get this or that achievement then go to the next one. And seriously, Blizz, you have got to fix the guild finder. It only works if people are online at the time, which most of them are not. I think I have recruited all of 2 people using it and that was only because I got lucky.
There is no stability, prices in the AH are too high for new players, people are transferring out and the free transfers from the high population guilds have provided little to no real influx. The cost of transferring multiple alts to another realm is simply more than most can spend.
I believe a realm merger or free transfers to a higher population server would be a very good idea. Clear out the servers that are low population to free up server space for expansions or dungeons or whatever. Or put the "new player" status on some of our low pop realms. New players benefit from those who have been playing for a while and would provide an influx of people to the realm. It's the responsible thing to do as a company and should be part of the player management system all along. Instead of creating new realms, or providing patches to cover up the problem *cough* cross realm quest zones *cough* use what resources you have!
It was around 5 months ago, they said something very vague about bold plans that they could not disclose.

Not holding my breath.
Is it possible they meant what they just announced? The ability for multiple realms to play together out in the world? Probably won't help the AH issues, but might facilitate more friendship and joint play in some way.

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