<One> Hosted GDKP Concluded for Cata <3 FM

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It appears we onlyyy have 1 rogue this week O.o
Wheres Jooles when you need her
BUMP! Week 5's GDKP sign up is up! REAL buyers only
bump for more buyers
If 15% is out this week, will go for a few more HM's easily
interested in signing up for this run.
bump for last minute buyers
Hi Stephiechow.
Enchant your shoulders, Stephiechow.
we have had a goblin chewing on the wires this seems to have caused some cats among the pigeons get your parachutes and rocket boots ready my friends because there is some trouble brewing
can u plz inv m3 plz!!

i am teh hella qtst trul hunter ready for GDKP!!!!
03/26/2012 02:15 AMPosted by Burnies
Here's a picture of me in real-life: http://i.imgur.com/xA0DR.jpg

damn! da dood on da left is hella qt!
Some serious butthurt in this thread.
nek minnit
this thread is now about superpelican

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