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I ended up spending some time playing Mario this weekend and got to thinking about WoW. If you remember your Video Game history, you might remember that Super Mario Bros. 3 had an item called a "Warp Whistle". This was an awesome item which allowed you to skip entire worlds.

As the WoW level cap increases to level 90 in the near future, it would be awesome to add a "Warp Whistle"-type feature to the game. Tired of questing through Hellfire Pennisula? Not a big fan of Northrend? Anxious to hit the end game content to catch up to friends? Go get a "Warp Whistle".

Now, I know that we have Heirloom pieces to reward veterans and speed up the alt-leveling process. Those are fine and well, but all they really do is turn the level process into a large time-sink, removing the difficulty in killing mobs.

The way I envision this would work, is that you are required to have at least one character (or hell, 3 Characters) leveled to max level. Take that max level toon and go acquire a "Warp Whistle", maybe go see the Time Keeper and do an epic quest line to receive a Bind-on-account item.

The Bind-on-Account "Warp Whistle" would then boost you up by 5-10 levels, or maybe to the nearest Continent change. i.e. Using it as level 61 would take you to level 70. Part of acquiring the whistle could include a BoA goodie bag with a basic set of random green quality items for the targeted level.

I could go on and on about various details, but that is the gist of it. I would love to see something like this added. In order to get some discussion started, here are some basic questions to turn this into a useful thread:

If you were able to pick a zone or level range (5 levels) to skip, what would it be?

How would you envision acquiring a "Warp Whistle"?

Do you think jumping 5-10 levels instantly and keeping the same pre-whistle gear would cause a problem?

Would you be willing to pay real-money for this feature?
I like the rare candies in pokemon better =/ drops!
and here I thought all those slippery slope posts about the entitled masses were just slippery slope arguements.....

This "feature" is a lame one. Leveling is part of the game. The leveling experience has been gutted enough. What used to be a fun part of the game with a bit of challenge is now a herpaderp time crunch because the xbox ADHD kiddies became the largest population of the game. What has it lead to? People at level cap with no <expletive> clue whats going on joining heroic 5 man content followed by crying on the forums because they got vote kicked.




I don't like the idea of outright skipping levels what I would like to see are something similar to the "Tome of Knowledge (or Experience)" from Warcraft III. A one time use BoP world drop that just gives you some XP. Just something to pick up while you're questing and go "Oh hey, I'm closer to my next level" type thing.

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