Cant create guild (Charter will not "open")

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I have this ticketed but it's been hours and no response. I have never had this issue before but I have seen some mention it in game in the past.

What I have done to try and ensure it isn't on my end:

1. Renamed my Interface folder so the game insalled a new one (aka no addons period), renamed my account folder inside WTF so I got a fresh account and character folder (aka no saved variables), same thing as deleting WTF. I deleted the Cache folder.

2. I exited and reentered the game.

3. I deleted and bought a new guild charter.

4. I deleted and bought a new guild charter with another guild name.

5. I deleted and bought a new guild charter, this time back to the original.

In all cases I can not use the guild charter.
Something that can't hurt to try, put the charter in your first bag (the one that Blizzard gave you).
You also need to turn off the Interface option "Block Guild Invites".
Thanks for letting us know the issue was resolved, Valknhr. :)

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